How To Improve Night Vision Easily

We have to learn how to improve our night vision as we age. William Shakespeare once described old age in these terms: sans teeth, sans eyes, sans everything. Indeed, our ability to adapt to dark deteriorates as we grow older. The rate of deterioration is around 10 percent per decade.

Doesn’t it sound familiar for you hear some older people saying that their night vision was not as good as it had been in their youth? Difficulty in seeing at night does have a cause other than aging it is the lack of proper nutrients for the eyes. In other words, declining night vision is a problem that you have the power to help resolve.

Having a good vision becomes a part of the normal functioning of human body. It is also extremely important for you to have a good night vision while you are driving during the dark hours. At this time, this article is going to give you several tips that will help you to improve your night vision easily. So, just take a look at the tips below.

Tips For Improve Night Vision:

  • Use your peripheral vision for night. The structure of the eye is such that it has ‘rod’ and ‘cone’ cells and while cone cells are better in color detection, rod cells are capable in catching movement and are better for low light. To increase night vision, you need to not to directly look at something and glance sideways that means using rod cells more.
  • Eating a piece of sugar helped the Soviet Special Forces to see better in dark. Actually, night vision depends largely on the sugar level in the blood.
  • The eye patch of pirates also may help increasing the night vision. Keep one hand on one eye and try looking from the other eye when moving from light to dark or dark to light.
  • Squeezing eyes for almost ten seconds when in dark, also may help you see better.
  • Take vitamin A supplements and other vitamins and minerals for improving night vision. You can also take carrot and carrot juice to help you increase the night vision. Nutrients like Lutein, Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry, Zeaxanthin, etc helps in improving night vision.
  • As rod cells are active during dark, try searching for shapes and form and not colors in the dark.
  • Smoking weakens the ability to see in the dark. Avoid first hand and even passive smoking to help you increase your night vision.
  • Allow ample time for your eyes to be able to adjust to the dark. It takes around 25 to 30 minutes for eyes to entirely adjust to the dark.
  • You also need to avoid looking directly at the bright light sources while you are navigating in the dark in order to see better in dark.
  • Using the rod cells, scan the dark area instead of staring at one object. Keep your eyes flicking forth and back and you would be able to see better in dark.
  • Practice makes a man perfect and it can improve night vision too. Shut out all the lights, close the shades, and try seeing the room in dark. You would find that with time your night vision has improved.
  • Keeping your eyes adjusted to the dark also helps in improving night vision. If you are entering a dark area from a much-lighted one, close your eyes before you enter the dark area. You can squint or keep one hand on your eye also.
  • You need to remember that these are just some methods of improving night vision and if you still find impaired vision at night, you need to consult a physician for thorough examination.


  • Taking too much vitamin A is toxic. However, drinking too much carrot juice is not toxic, although it has vitamin A. Carrot juice contains vitamin A in the form of beta carotene, which is not toxic when converted to vitamin A, making it safe to consume in large quantities.
  • Drink your homemade carrot juice either right away or no more than two days in the refrigerator.
  • If you purchase your carrot juice, check the expiration date on the carton to make sure it isn’t outdated.