How to Reduce Under Eye Puffiness

When looking in the mirror first thing in the morning, watching yourself looking back with those huge dark shadows and great big shopping bags under your eyes, do you ever think about getting rid of the mirror? Seeing those hideous eye bags looking back at you can seriously ruin your day. Almost nine out of ten people suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes, making it evident that something is not right.

Baggy eyes is a condition, which is mostly linked to aging. It is a common fact that with age, people develop wrinkles, under eye bags, etc. However, there are numerous people, who develop puffy eyes, at a very young age. Puffy eyes can be a contributory factor to an older or tired look. Apart from aging, puffy eyes can be caused by various other factors.

Bags under the eyes affect every age group, however they generally develop with aging, while skin looses its elasticity and becomes saggy. But nowadays this is a common problem with young women as well, mainly because of hereditary factors or due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Here, we bring you some simple home remedies, which have proven to be effective in handling this problem of puffy eyes. Read on to know how to get rid of puffy eyes and bravely fight for their shine!

Causes of Baggy Eyes:

  1. Thyroid problem can cause baggy eyes. If one has an overactive or under active thyroid one must consult a doctor.
  2. With age skin loses out on its elasticity, thus causing baggy eyes.
  3. Poor nutrition also affects the elasticity of the skin resulting in baggy eyes.
  4. Smoking also causes baggy eyes. Even passive smokers can suffer from it.
  5. Lack of adequate sleep.
  6. Watching a lot of T.V. even during late hours.
  7. Poor nutrition.
  8. Water retention.
  9. Not applying facial creams properly.
  10. Cosmetics that cause allergies.

Get Enough Sleep and Avoid Stress:

If you had a tiring, stressful day at work, or if you spent long hours in front of your computer or watched too much TV, your eyes get tired and you will most probably develop bags under your eyes. Always pay attention to get proper sleep, which means 7 or 8 hours. Sleeping is one of the most efficient beauty treatment you can give your skin in order to prevent red, puffy eyes and have a radiant, fresh face.

Health Problems:

It has been observed that some health problems or illnesses also cause baggy eyes. People who suffer recurrent chronic sinus infections or allergic reactions develop under eye bags with time. Such people develop puffy eyes at the time of infection or allergic attack. Recurrent attacks causes deflation of the skin under eyes resulting in baggy eyes. Some serious health problems, like, kidney diseases, Graves’ disease, thyroid disorders, etc. can also cause baggy eyes. So, consult a doctor, if you develop under eye puffiness, without any known cause. Read more on allergies.

Drink More Fluids:

Increase the amount of water and 100% fruit juice you drink. Increasing your fluid intake can thin the mucus in the sinus cavity. This action helps to reduce inflammation and irritation in the sinus cavity, thus reducing under-eye puffiness.

Improve Your Eating Habits:

A well balanced diet is composed of natural ingredients that are highly important for baggy eye treatment Avoid fast food and pre-packaged meals that may contain many artificial additives.

Consume instead plenty of fruits and vegetables each day in order to provide your body with necessary minerals and vitamins that are essential to maintain your skin’s health. In order to reduce the puffiness under your eyes, include foods rich in potassium in your diet as well as tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries and watermelon.

Physical Conditions:

Apart from the health problems, there are various bodily conditions, that cause baggy eyes. Fluid retention and dehydration are two of such conditions, which are responsible for baggy eyes. Fluid retention can be caused by factors, like hormonal changes during pregnancy or menstruation or by excess intake of salt. Dehydration is the lack of adequate water in the body, which forces the body to store water. Even regular alcohol consumption may result in baggy eyes. Read more on bags under eyes causes.

Apply a Cold Compress:

Cold compresses applied to the eye are useful in reducing swelling. The cold temperature causes dilated blood vessels to constrict, which reduces puffiness. You can make your own compress by wrapping a frozen bag of vegetables in cloth and laying over the eyes for 10 minutes. Or, you can dip a washcloth in ice water, cold milk or iced green or chamomile tea. Because brown or dark teas can stain the eyes, it is best to use a non-staining tea.

Cucumbers or potato slices are another popular treatment for reducing allergy-related puffiness. Place either vegetable in the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes, then slice. Place the slices over the eyes for 10 minutes to allow the compress to take affect, according to “Real Simple” magazine.

Splash With Cold Water:

Give a fresh start to your days by washing your eyes each morning with cold water for a few minutes. You can even prepare a mixture with water and ice cubes that will reduce the bags around your eyes. Then you can massage your eyes with your fingers for 2 or 3 minutes using circular motion, starting from down and moving upwards.

Apply Tea Bags:

Chilled green tea bags offer a very effective way to reduce swelling under your eyes. Tea is a wonderful natural substance with great anti-inflammatory properties for your skin. This simple and costless beauty treatment will immediately give your eyes a fresher, brighter look, calming the skin around your eyes. For this purpose take two green tea packs, dip them in water and then squeeze well.


  • In case, none of the above tips helps you in getting rid of baggy eyes, you need to consult an eye care professional. Seek medical help immediately, to find out if you are suffering from any other problem or allergies.
  • If your baggy eyes are not getting better, ask your doctor for advice.