How To Take Care of Your Eyes

We are aware of how important our sense of sight is. Most of us rely on our eyes in order to work. We also need it to do our favorite things like watching a movie, reading a book, or writing our journal. Although we are aware of how valuable it is, many of us ignore it. This is because none of us thought that we could harm it.

Most of the people who value their eyes are those who experience unusual eye condition. They take advantage of the 1800contacts discount to be able to afford their contact lenses needs. They are also more aware of the supplements that will benefit their eye as well as the practices that will help them achieve a healthier eye condition. If you want to know how to care for your eyes, here are some tips:

Take Care of Your Eyes:

  1. One of the most popular and effective ways to take care of your eyes is to keep freshly cut cucumber slices over your eyes for at least 10 minutes, before going to sleep, every day. This is also an effective way to prevent puffiness and inflammation.
  2. If your job demands you to work with chemicals or harmful airborne particulates, make sure you take preventive measures, before commencing the work. Goggles or any other eye protective wear is a must in such circumstances.
  3. Before using any type of eye-drops, make sure you read the label well. Almost all the drops available in the market suggest not using them, while wearing contact lenses.
  4. Believe it or not, studies have shown that smoking causes cataract and macular degeneration, a condition where cells in the retina actually die. So, refraining from smoking is a good way to protect your eyes, apart from the innumerous other health benefits it has.
  5. Diet holds the key for maintaining healthy eyes. Include a lot of green vegetable and fruits in your diet. They not only help you have an improved vision, but assist in keeping your eyes healthy and fit as well. Lack of Vitamin A can cause severe eye damage, so make sure to increase the intake of foods rich in the vitamin.
  6. Carrots are especially recommended, if you want to take good care of your eyes. This is because they are laden with beta carotene, which is especially helpful in maintaining healthy eyes.
  7. This might come to you as a surprise, but even our eyes get affected by the harmful ultra violet rays. So, the best way to protect them would be to wear UV protective sunglasses. While buying, make sure you get polarized lenses and not just dark ones. While the former would protect your eyes from UV rays, the later only causes your pupils to dilate.
  8. Another way to take care of your eyes would be to indulge in eye exercises on an everyday basis, for at least 10 minutes. However, just doing exercises would not be totally effective. You need to club them with a healthy diet, proper nutrition and efficient cleaning of the eyes.
  9. Those wearing contact lenses should not extend the duration to more than 12 hours. Though companies may claim of no-harm caused, it is after all an outside element. When worn for a long time, on continuous basis, contact lenses might cause permanent damage and discomfort.
  10. Regular check ups prove to be one of the effective means of caring for your eyes. After all, they are the most precious components of your body and need proper attention and care!


  • Never put salt in your eyes.
  • Never look into the sun directly or with a telescope.
  • Never put sharp objects in your eyes.
  • Never rub your eyes too much.