Improve Your Eye Health With Natural Home Remedies

Eye is one of the most important body parts in human body. Eyes are responsible in act of vision in humans. With the aid of our eyes we are able to see the things around us and perform our daily activities with great ease. Any disruption in the functioning of eyes leads to great difficulty and discomforts. Eyes are one of the five sense organs of our body. Eyes are our windows to the world and are the most precious gift given to us by God. It becomes our duty to take care of this beautiful gift by Almighty. With eyes only we can relish all the beauty of this world.

With eyes we can see all our loved ones. Eyes are the most attractive feature on our face. Eyes speak louder than words; eyes are the most expressive feature. What we cannot say with words, is said with eyes. Taking care of eyes is not only for beauty but it is part of our health regime. Almost everyone in the world overworks their eyes, due to which several eye problems occur. The list of problems that occur with the eyes is almost endless. But even then, are we taking adequate care of our eyes?

Many a times we get eye infection due to rubbing or an itch starting from a simple problem. These can even infect further due to lack of sleep, strain or even other disease. The infection can always spread further if we rub our eye. Splashing eyes with normal cold water is the first thing to be done in case of any problem. Splashing our eyes with normal clean water every morning and when tired is one of the greatest things that can be done for their benefit and clear vision. This article provides some valuable tips on care of the eyes.

Causes of Eye Problems:

Following are the points that cause defects in vision.

  • Lack of nutritious diet.
  • Working on computes continuously for longer periods of time.
  • Inadequate sitting posture while watch television.
  • Lack of minerals and vitamins from the diet like retinal (vitamin A) and calcium.
  • Bad lighting facilities in the studying area.
  • Straining of eyes in excess and not giving it the roper time to relax.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight my also lead to blurred vision.

Home Remedies for Eye Care:

  • Usage of rose water and lime juice in equal amount, as an eye drops is a very effective method of regaining eyes strength.
  • A balanced diet is to be taken to provide good nourishment to the eyes.
  • One should take sufficient amount of vitamin A which is very helpful in preventing eyes problem.
  • Eating spinach also helps in improving eye sight.
  • Consumption of vitamin C which has been present in amla is very much recommended to improve eyesight.
  • Consumption of walnut daily is also said to improve eye sight.
  • Rose water mixed with potash alum in one seventh of its quantity is put in eyes (two to three drops) are very effective in treating eyes ailments.
  • Using water filled in green bottle kept in sunlight for washing eyes helps eyes regaining lost eye sight and for getting away with the eye ailments.
  • Almonds, fennel and sugar candy are taken in equal amount and made a paste out of it. Two table spoon of this paste is consumed with warm mild during bed time help in fading away with the eye ailments.
  • Massaging of palms and soles with the warm mustard oil triggers certain points in brain that helps in relive congestion in eyes.
  • One should avoid exposure to radiations like that from sun, microwaves, x rays etc as there are min culprits in damaging eyes in present era.
  • Smoking is also a major factor that is affecting eyes these days.
  • Consuming mangoes are also good for our eyes as it is a rich sorce of vitamin a and calcium.
  • Regularly wash your eyes with cold water as it helps in relieving congestion in eyes.
  • Consume tomatoes and carrot regularly to make your eyes healthy and fit.

Eye Exercises:

  • Palming: sit on a comfortable chair and keep a table in front of you. Now rest your elbows on the table. Rub your palms with each other and Keep them on your cheeks and eyes. Sit in this position for about 10 minutes to discover new freshness in your eyes.
  • Blinking: blinking of eyes 15 times regularly per hour helps in increasing circulation in eyes.
  • Rotation: rotate your pupil in all the directions while keeping your head and back strait. It should be performed 15 times per hour.