Remedies to Reduce Eye Twitching and Puffy Eyes

The two common eye problems that may arise are the eye twitching and puffy eyes. These two problems arise due to various reasons. Though these kinds of diseases do not create more damage to the eyes it should not be left as such and must undergo some sort of treatment and also preventive measures. Eye twitching is the involuntary action of eye muscles that occurs frequently in either of the eye. This is not as serious as one may expect but this involuntary action irritates the person badly. Puffy eyes denote the swollen eyelids and reddish eyes that may lead to difficulty while opening and closing of eyes.

Stress, allergies and medical side effects are the few eye twitching causes. Eye twitching may also occur because of lack of sleep, straining eyes for longer time, excessive light exposure may also act as a cause for eye twitching. Under proper medical diagnosis and treatment the irritation caused by eye twitching can be well reduced and also adopting preventive measures safeguards from the problem. Finding out the cause is the most important in case of eye twitching. Proper and adequate sleeping is always required to prevent twitching. One must not strain his eyes by looking at computer or television for a longer period.

There are also natural remedies for these twitching problems. The herb Hyoscyamus has powerful properties to reduce the eye twitching and also soothes the eye nerves as well. Other prescribed remedies are the use of Zinc met, Cina and Chamomilla which are effective for eye twitching.

Puffy eyes are termed as swollen eyelids due to high salt intake and stress. Other puffy eyes causes include more consumption of alcohol, change in the fluid balance of human body and lack of sleep. These puffy eyes may result in difficulty to open and close the eye lids which is natural phenomenon. If the symptoms of puffy eyes are found water should be consumed in larger amount so that the fluid balance is maintained. It is also wise to place ice cubes wrapped in a cloth over the eyes so that swelling is reduced because of the chillness. Tapping the skin with chill water also reduces the puffiness and irritation. Cucumber can be placed over the eye lids which is the natural remedy. Apart from cucumber one can opt for lavender for that gives better treatment in reducing the swelling and reddish nature of the eye.

Nutrient content is also as important as others. Sometimes lack of vitamin A in the body causes puffy eyes. If the vitamin intake is increased there are larger possibilities of puffy eyes reduction. Vegetables like carrots, cabbage and orange fruit will help in reducing the puffiness and safeguards from puffy eyes. These are the remedies for eye twitching and puffy eyes.