Simple Eye Tracking Exercises Tips

Eye tracking exercises can improve the way that the eyes follow words on a page and track movements through peripheral vision. Eye tracking also can help the eyes to remain focused on an object without moving. This Eye Tracking Exercise is an easy and effective vision correction method to improve the flexibility of the crystalline lenses of your eyes. And at the same time, prevent or decrease any existing visual defects.

Individuals experiencing difficulty tracking objects or words as well as those who have difficulty judging distances or focusing or perception difficulties may benefit from a variety of eye exercises that help strengthen the muscles behind the eyes, resulting in improved vision and acuity. Eye therapy exercises may be performed every day by young and old alike to improve reading, driving and everyday tasks.

One of the better ways to improve eyesight is through eye tracking exercise. Not only do these exercises improve eyesight, they also help to hone eye focus and enhance eyes tracking abilities. If you believed that you had perfect vision once and that it is probably deteriorating by now, then checking out the following exercises on eye tracking will probably save you from going blind.

Eye Tracking Exercises Tips:

  1. Sit down on a comfortable chair with your back and head erect. Close your eyes and gently rest your palms over it. Hold your palms over your eyes for a minute and then remove them gently, while keeping your eyes shut. Breathe deeply and drop your head forward. Now turn your head from side to side, rotating your shoulders from front to back. Do it several times a day to de-stress your eyes and enjoy a great vision.
  2. Sit erect and hold your index finger close to your nose. Make sure that your finger does not touch your skin or is too close to your face. Slowly move the finger away from your body, while keeping your gaze fixed on your fingertip. Stretch out your arm as much as possible. Now return the finger to its normal position. Ensure that your focus is fixed on your finger. Repeat this exercise for about 15 times every day to enhance your eye flexibility and boost your eye-tracking movement.
  3. If you wish to improve your eye focus, then trying this exercise will leave you with positive results. Just shut your one eye with your hand and focus on a far away object with your other eye. Now shift your attention to an object close to you. Repeat this exercise on your next eye. Doing this exercise for three to four times in a day will help your eye maintain proper focal length and boost your eye focus too.
  4. The eyes are one of the most important parts of our body with which we can perceive things better. We should be thankful to God who gave us a chance to appreciate the wonderful world made by Him. The least we can do is take proper care of our eyes. Proper eye care can ensure that all eye problems are kept at bay. Engaging in these simple eye tracking exercises will not only benefit our eyes but in return will do good to ourselves.
  5. If you thought that eye-exercise was a boring affair, try this flashlight exercise to add some fun to your doings. You can ask your friend or partner to assist you in this exercise. Switch off the lights of a room and carry two flashlights inside. Pass one flashlight to your friend and ask him to focus the light on random objects in the room. Now using your own flashlight, try to track out the objects. This exercise can be real fun and can improve your eye tracking power too.
  6. For this exercise, you will need a string and a tennis ball. Attach the string to the ball and hang it to the ceiling or fan. Strike the string gently so that the ball begins to move in random directions. Now stand straight in a place and try to track the ball with your eyes. Doing this exercise will boost your eye-coordination as well as help you track objects at different speeds.