Brand Development and Success Story of Ritu Wears

In the swiftly developing retail scenario, Ritu Wears Biglife has effectively made a niche audience for its brand of products that in the present day has a devoted following. At present, the group holds outlets in Delhi and the NCR, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Ritu Wears Biglife penetrated the Indian fashion industry with a 200 sq. ft. children’s wear store in 1965 owned by the creative Mrs J.D Sahni. With passage of time in 1985 in the era of pulp metal, discotheques, soap operas, politics, BBC and the Indian nuclear family. Ritu Wears Biglife catering to this exclusive and varied taste provided an all-inclusive assortment of clothes and accessories for each generation. The Lajpat Nagar showroom expanded from a mere 200 to 5,000 square feet.

With the arrival of global players in the market and local Indian retailers further penetrating the market of the fashion scene, Ritu Wears Biglife widened its wings with new outlets, new choice of fashion wear and accessories. In 2003, Noida got to see its share of family fashion with opening of the company outlet in Sab Mall. Within a year an all exclusive showroom for men opened at Lajpat Nagar. Everybody was content, as ladies and children wear got more space for themselves and men their own area.

In the next two years Ritu Wears Biglife spreads its wings by first opening outlets in regions like Kaushambi, Ghaziabad; areas which up till now had no access or remote access to the stores and then a year later the company took retail to a newer level by opening Delhi’s largest family fashion outlet in Rohini.

Now with the brand already established in Delhi and NCR started to think about spreading further with its outlet branching in Amritsar, Punjab with a big family fashion store opening there.

In 2009, Ritu Wears Biglife opened a fresh family fashion store in Faridabad for people who were looking to shop for Ritu Wears. It also opened a brand new family store in Indirapuram and a second store in Punjab located at Jalandhar. After a year the brand Added two new stores in Madhya Pradesh located at Bhopal and Indore.

The chain of department stores known as Ritu Wears was changed as Biglife. The parent partner JDS Apparels is intending to collect Rs 50 crores by business shares to private equity funds to finance its growth plan. JDS ran 12 department shops that were then renamed to what’s now called Biglife. The retailer wanted to open big format stores in cities like Agra, Meerut, Panipat, Moradabad, Dehradun, Bareilly and Jaipur in just a year. All stores were planned to be of 30,000 sq. ft. or more. Since JDS has numerous brands, it can only tap domestic shareholders like Aditya Birla Capital Advisors, Reliance Capital and Kotak Private Equity Group to arrange capital.

Representative of the flamboyant modern youngsters with a present-day style and the swiftly altering times, Ritu Wears Biglife prides itself in being a fashionable and trendy store for the complete family. Everything at Ritu Wears Biglife is exclusively procured and the commodities array from fashionable clothes, cosmetics, fragrances, footwear, watches, toys, luggage and accessories for men, women and children. Also under its blanket it has a beautiful collection of home accessories and furnishings consisting of well-coordinated table linen, bed linen, artefacts etcetera.

The founder of Ritu Wears Biglife, JDS United has surpassed the yardsticks in the world of fashion. The group has continuously added and revitalised and reinvented its image along with its assortment of fashion wear and accessories – as expressively as if speaking someone’s own language or as if it were their second nature. It is this suaveness of acceptance in altering times, fashion and principles that has assured its growth from a mere single retail shop to a recognized brand name and further opening of chains of stores.  For people who have been a constant part of this wonderful journey and with the changing themes of Ritu Wears Biglife; it in the present day provides for the most up-to-date lifestyle commodities in an outstanding ambience – the superb part remains that the brand is still focussing on its main strength which is about absolutely family values.

Alteration in development and fashion regularly result in the surfacing of fashion and lifestyle stores. Ritu Wears Biglife, nevertheless, is solitary fashion and lifestyle house that has transformed both fashion and its styles since its beginning. Its accomplishment can be calculated by its increasing esteem through the passage and its multitalented nature to adjust, modify and make available to the ever-changing requirement of fashion seekers.

For those of people who constantly required knowing what makes Ritu Wears Biglife such a brand in fashion, here is a case of information on India’s most desired retail store.

The brand considers and thinks in offering high-quality products with older conventional values, yet a present day approach which targets a pleasurable time for the complete family which is full of fun, laughter and of course lots of shopping.