Professional Makeup Tips for New Year Eve Party

The New Year is a great time to give yourself a makeover, and the various makeup trends this season give you plenty of choices to try out a fresh new look. The hottest makeup trends include smoky and dramatic, natural and pretty, and glamorous. Start the new year with a band and go all out for New Year’s Eve with these great beauty tips! If you’re looking for something that will match your stylish ensemble for that upcoming party:

  • Weather or not you have pouty lips its time to pucker them up. A lip liner always helps if you have thin lips but make sure you don’t choose a drab colour. Even it you are choosing red, line up your lips with a sparkling scarlet lip liner instead of a dark maroon one.
  • Liquid lip colour is always better for party makeup because it has a natural gloss. But if you are used a lipstick then apply at least 3 coats and then apply 2 coats of gloss on it. Gloss should have a smooth finish. You can mix a hint of silver or white or gold (depending on your lip colour shade) bang at the centre of your lips to give them a three dimensional brightness.
  • Not every one is blessed with naturally high cheekbones but with the right kind of dramatic makeup, you can raise them. 2-3 stokes of blusher right at the point where your cheekbone should have been. Always apply blusher upwards tilted away from your eyes so that it gives a raised look.
  • Black is not the only mascara being produced in the cosmetics industry. If you can match it with the rest of your eye makeup, you can apply coffee brown, deep brown or golden hue too. You can also touch up with a hint of shimmering silver after applying black.
  • The easiest way to do loud party makeup is to use 2 or 3 shades of eyeshadow together. Present a tinted collage on your eye lids. Go for a neutral shade first and then blend in a deep shade; highlight with white, silver or gold in the end.
  • Wearing intensely coloured contact lenses can be a great eye makeup idea to turn heads on new year’s eye. Cat eyes or clear aqua eyes get a lot of attention.
  • The finishing line is the last line you will draw with your eye liner. You can make it thick or narrow but it should be sticking right to your lash line.