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Amina Sheikh is a Super Hot Model and TV Actress in Pakistan Fashion Industry. His education is in the Media Art. Its no secret that Amina Shiekh’s success is rocketing quite high. The girl has done everything that takes most female models years to achieve. She has done ramps for many big name designers, she has shoots for several high profile campaigns and editorial magazines. Amina Sheikh has worked in many dramas and long plays and is now the face of Clear Shampoo. Though not of a very tall height, Amina’s elegance, unique Style and ability to be versatile has led her to fame rather quickly. Instep Magazine recently compared Amina Shiekh to the Super Model Amina Haq by calling her the Amina Haq of today. The comparison was made from the fact that both models dont really need the ramp to be super models.

“I take great pride in my family, my support system that is built around myself, my husband mohib mirza and all our close relations attached to my marriage. I consider it my personal achevement to have managed to have such a strong home base along with the kid of professional drive that runs my career”, says amina about her greatest achiement.

“Organic food. I pick only a week in a month to overindulge in food, sweets and snacks. Rest of the month I keep my food very basic and organic and keep track of the timings of my intake as not to overindulge”, says amina about secret of her fantastic figure.

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