Sara Chaudhry Famous Pakistani Model and TV Actress

{SCA} Sara Chaudhry Profile

Sara Chaudhry is a top and hot pakistani model and  outstanding actress, born in Lahore Pakistan. Her birthday or date of birth is 27 September and her height is 5′ 6″. Sara Chaudhry’s real name was Iqra but she changed it to Sara after entering Pakistan fashion industry. Except modeling Sara Chaudhary has worked so far in many commercials and plays. She started her career as a model and now she also does acting and compering on TV.

At a very early age, Sara Chaudhry took a bold step and started modeling, which was really hard for a newcomer at an early age. However, she says, I got the chance to be a model when I was in 8th grade and it was my father’s friend who helped me to start this career. Though I had always been fascinated by this profession since childhood, but after actually becoming a model I had to face a lot of criticism, which discouraged me to some extent. She had worked many TV plays like Teray Pehloo Mein, Khuda Zamee Se Gaya Nahi, 93 Shumali, Who Ishq Jo Humse Rooth Gay etc.

Although she wants to continue working in this field, but at the same time she feels that her Marriage might be a turning point in her life. Sara Chaudhry was Engaged with Sami Khan in Childhood to the choice of her parents. While working in a play, she met a person, but she did not know that he was the person with whom she had been engaged in her childhood. She confided this secret, “It was like a typical Pakistani film story, “we were engaged since childhood, but we had never seen each other and later our sudden meeting revealed that secret. Now we are really happy about it. I might leave my work after Marriage. Even if my fiance allows me to continue, I’ll be doing fewer projects than at present.”

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