Sawera Pasha Actress: Biography and Dashing Pictures

Sawera Pasha is the most beautiful, talented fashion model and actress in Pakistan showbiz industry. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan. Her date of birth or birthday is on July 18. Sawera started her early education in Karachi. She was eldest sister Nida Yasir (Pasha) who became an inspiration for Sawera.

Sawera join showbiz line as a fashion model. But very soon she show her talent, and become another star how shine on this sky of showbiz. She known in Pakistani fashion world by her elegant smile and outstanding looks. After some time, she started acting, and in very short time, she became a popular actress. As a daughter, her Parents feel proud on her success.

Personal Biodata (Profile) Summary:

Birth Name: Sawera Pasha
Nick Name: Sawera
Age or Birthdate: July 18
Sister Name: Nida Yasir (Pasha)
Zodiac Sign or Star: Unknown
Height: 5’6″
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Birth Place: Karachi, Pakistan
Education: Unknown
Wedding or Marriage Status: Married
Languages: Sindhi, Urdu, English
Hobbies:  Dancing, singing, exploring new cultures
Contact Address: Unknown

Sawera Pasha is a girl with the guts and she will soon make her legendary name among the top class Model and actress in Pakistani. Here is a nice collection of some awesome, beautiful and impressive  pictures of Sawera Pasha. In this photo gallery, we have compiled a list of beautiful hot pics of Sawera Pasha that are very attention-grabbing and just nice to look at. Let’s have a look at these photographs in detail.

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Sawera Pasha Pakistani Actress

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