Easiest Way to Make Money Online from Home with Blog and Google Adsense

Setting up your blog is quite simple. There are free tools and free or paid hosting options. But, the main thing to consider is the subject of your blog. There are advantages and disadvantages all around. Some topics are earning a lot more per click and have readers that are more prone to clicking on the adverts than other subjects. However, if your specialism is in one of these lower value blogs, you might be able to produce a lot more writing than if you aimed for a higher value blog.

This means that your first decision is what will you blog about? Find something that you can write about a lot – you will be posting a couple of times per week – but out of the list of choices you come up with, work out which is likely to be worth the most.

Now, create your blog. Choose a good looking theme and sign up to AdSense and drop in a few adverts. A lot of people recommend only using 2 advert positions, which prevents the blog looking too much like a commercial. But put the adverts in places where your readers will notice them. Within the block of the main text and main navigation links are good targets, over at the side and the very bottom are bad ideas. You want the adverts to be clear and tempting to encourage readers to see them and click.

Next, start writing and promoting your blog. Write 3 or 4 new posts per week to build a good amount of content and then start to share some of your writing with other sources, such as article directories. This will build the search engine ranking of your site and will be the main source of traffic for your blog.

It is then just a matter of repeating the writing of new posts and link building time and time again. But, a word of warning. Do not make the mistake of making the blog solely built for AdSense. Make sure that it is readable and encourages readers to browse the site.

Whilst this goes against the improving the click rate, because loyal visitors are less likely to click on adverts, it should help to increase general traffic levels. It looks like Google is using traffic statistics in its search engine ranking algorithm so that it sends traffic to only those sites that humans are interested in. So, if you follow the traditional built for AdSense route of get the person onto your site and then straight away clicking on a PPC advert, it is likely that Google will notice and then stop sending you so many visitors.

It seems back to front, but unless your search terms are very weak you need a good amount of traffic viewing a couple of pages each before Google sends you much traffic. So your articles have to be interesting and meaningful. No longer is the basic built for AdSense format working. But write an interesting blog with plenty of unique content and you can make money with your blog and AdSense!