How to Make Money Online for Beginners from Blogs – Step by Step Guide

A blog is a web site where you could write about anything you like from A to Z. Its like a diary and you could write on your blog at any convenient time. People may blog for many reasons either to share their personal experiences or to share their knowledge with others. Blogging is one of the interesting hobby for me too. It’s quite interesting that you could make money from your blogs. There are many successful entrepreneurs who are living a life by earning decent income from blogging. Keeping that in mind, this article helps beginners to understand the steps to make money from blogs. It’s simple, easy to manage a blog and you don’t need any great technical skills.

Step 1: Choose A Blog Topic

The first and most important step is choosing a topic for your blog. I will suggest you two options to select a topic. First, it’s based on your own interests. List down your interests and decide a topic that you are more passionate about because you have to write useful articles on that topic in your blog.

Second, select a topic based on the market demand. Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Tool to find the topic which has high demand for information. My advice, always select a moderately demanding topic because it will easy to face the competition.

Step 2: Start A Free or Paid Blog

Once you have the topic ready, go to and create a free blog. If you are ready to invest money then get a self hosted domain from Godaddy or Hostgator and install WordPress. I recommend, beginners to go for, you could move to a self hosted blog anytime in the future. Most important, select a catchy blog name because people has to remember your blog.

Step 3: Publishing Useful Articles

Now it is time to build your blog. You have to write useful articles. You should not copy the content from other web sites, this is one of the common beginners mistake. Write original articles which solve the visitor problems. Focus on the topic and keep the visitors in mind, while writing articles for your blog. You have to write content for “life time” on your blog & hence blogging requires consistency. Have a writing schedule (for example, at least 1 article per day) and stick to that. Over a period of time (usually in 3 to 6 months), your blog gains decent amount of search engine traffic.

Step 4: Marketing Your Blog

Promoting and marketing a blog is one of the toughest part of this game to drive traffic to your blog. Producing useful content gains authority on search engines by itself. But you have to build quality links pointing to your blog which tells search engines that your blog is popular & every one refers to it. So focus towards producing quality content and building back links.

Writing comments on related dofollow blogs, writing guest posts on established blogs, posting on related forums are few of the simple link building techniques. Keep in mind that marketing is a long term approach and it goes through the blogging life cycle to drive huge traffic.

Step 5: Make Money From Your Blog

Now you have a great blog and it is getting enough number of visitors (say, 100 to 200 visitors per day). Its the right time to think about making money. To start with apply for Google Adsense (read their program policy first) and run Google Ads on your blog. For every click on the advertisement, your blog makes you money. Join clickbank, CJ and select quality products which are related to your blog topic. Pick the affiliate link, promote them on your blog and earn commissions. If you consistently publish useful articles and markets your blog, money rolls into your bank account.

Blogging is a long term business model and it takes time to pick up. But once your blog reached that level of success, you could make decent income every month.