8 Effective Tips For Permed Hair

We all get our hair styled in various ways to get that glamorous and eye catching look. Perming hair is one such stylizing technique in which you get your hair curled to get a look that suits you the best. However, perming hair too involves chemicals and thus you need to take extra care to properly take care of your permed hair. Given below are some tips that can help you out.

Many of us get our hair permed quite often to maintain a perfect look. But getting your hair permed again and again can prove harmful for the health of your hair as perm involves lots of chemicals that can harm your hair.

After mulling over the procedure for quite a long time, you finally decided to throw caution to the wind and get your hair permed. Now, as you move around sporting the new look, compliments (and more compliments) follow. While perming surely give you a new look altogether, it presents you with additional responsibilities as well.

Permed hair requires much more care on your part, as compared to normal hair, mainly because of the chemicals used in the process. Caring for permed hair, though not an arduous task, would surely require you to undertake some extra efforts. In this context, you will find the tips provided in the following lines to be quite handy and useful.

How to Care for Permed Hair:

  1. Follow your stylist’s instructions. If he/she tells you not to wash your hair in a week, then by all means follow. Your stylist knows better. You should ask for aftercare procedures prior to getting a perm treatment.
  2. Avoid using chemical applications to decrease the salon scent of your hair. Much as your hair smells of chemicals, do not put on perfume or any other scents. Not only will your hair risk potential breakage, but you also lessen the lasting effects of your permed hair.
  3. When it is the right time to wash your hair, use light shampoo and conditioner. Your hair has gone through a strong treatment, and the strands of your hair deserve to breathe a little. This way, you avoid risks of damaging your hair, developing dry and rough strands.
  4. Gently pat your hair while toweling it dry. Do not wipe it too much. Your locks could tangle all over.
  5. Use a wide-toothed comb. This will eliminate chances of breaking your hair, which makes it frizzy when it dries.
  6. Get a haircut after a month. This will reduce split ends and breakage that could potentially decrease the duration of your perm.
  7. Style with added caution. Styling is essential to maximize the effect of your permed hair. Be cautious, though, in pulling your hair in different directions, because it may actually loosen the locks.
  8. Use moisturizers, spray vitamins, and the like. Your hair needs to maintain its volume as days go by. Using these products can help you manage your permed hair easier.

Perming will only last for a couple of months. Consult with a hair expert if it is safe for your hair to undergo the same process again. If you are able to properly take care of your hair after perming, it is most likely that you will get satisfying results. Well-managed permed hair could attract compliments from your peers and friends.


Don’t get your hair permed too often. Excessive contact with chemicals will permanently ruin and damage your hair.