Curly Hair Care Tips: Get Healthy Hair Now

When you have curly hair, you need to look after it properly to stop it getting dry and frizzy. If you have the patience then you can blow dry it straight everyday, and/or use straightening irons on it, but if you do this then you have to take special care to keep your hair well conditioned and protect it from the heat. Curly hair is envied by many but is all too often scorned by those who were born with it. Curly girls frequently go to great lengths to smooth and straighten their hair, while those born with pin straight locks spend a lot of money trying to get those gorgeous curls.

Improper care for curly and wavy hair can leave you looking like you have just been struck by lightning and the electricity is running right through your hair. The weather plays a huge role in any hair, but especially thick curly or wavy hair. A humid day increases the curl. A dry day increases the frizz. Here is how to care for naturally curly or wavy hair. Here are some basic tips that will help your curly hair keep its natural gorgeous beauty! Without the hassle of frizz and tangles!

Curly Hair Care Tips:

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! The single biggest problem with curly hair is its tendency to be dry and those with curly hair are always looking for healthy hair tips. Always use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, preferably one that is formulated especially for curly hair.
  • Wash hair only every other day condition every day.
  • Deep condition your curls at least once a week. You can use a moisturizing deep conditioner, but if you’d prefer, you can simply apply a generous amount of your everyday conditioner, cover your head with a shower cap and leave on for 20-30 minutes.
  • A good haircut is vital to maximizing curl. A cut with long layers will allow curls to fall nicely without creating too much bulk. Get a trim every 8-10 weeks to keep your hair looking its best.
  • Experiment with hair products for curly hair care. Depending on the texture of your hair and the level of natural curl, using gel, mousse, serum or even a relaxing cream can make all the difference. Start with a little; too much product can leave hair feeling stiff or greasy.
  • Whenever possible, allow hair to air dry. Giving your hair a break from heat styling will keep it healthier.
  • When you do blow dry your hair, use a diffuser.
  • Before drying your hair, scrunch a little styling gel into your curls and then do not touch your hair until it is completely dry. Once dry, run your fingers gently through your hair to separate curls. If needed, use a small barreled curling iron to touch up a curl here and there.
  • Style curly hair using a wide tooth comb or your fingers no brushes! This is one of the best tips for healthy hair.
  • Invest in an ionic hair dryer if you choose to smooth your curls into a straight style now and then. Ionic hairdryers leave hair shiny and silky and can cut drying time in half!
  • Try to find a stylist who specializes in curly hair tips. If you see someone with fabulous curls, ask her who does her hair. She’ll be flattered and you’ll have taken an important step toward loving your curly hair!


  • Be wary of styling products that contain alcohol, as it may contribute to dryness, which can increase frizz.
  • Do not part curly hair straight down the middle. This will result in an excess of volume on both sides, creating a strange triangular look. Although as an updo, curls parted down the center look great.
  • Don’t add too much gel or mousse to your hair. Sometimes it tends to become oily and greasy and will need to be washed more often.
  • Don’t over brush. This will cause major frizz.
  • Conditioners with silicone in them may build up on hair.