Easy and Simple Ways to Get Shiny Hair

Smooth and shiny curls can seem like they are miles away when you are first figuring out what products your curls like. Beautiful hair always allure people to look at you and complement about your beauty and if you have natural shiny hair the number of complements even increases however, not everyone is lucky enough to have good hair but this does not mean that you cannot have nice hair at all. Having shiny hair is no more a difficult task especially in a beauty world were so many products consisting of natural ingredients help making your hair shiny though it is highly recommended to stay away from advertisement hype and follow natural remedies to get healthy shiny hair to protect your hair from any damage. Here are some tips to make your hair shiny naturally.

Wash Your Hair

In this modern world, most women have absolutely no idea how to wash their hair in a way that is nourishing. The trick is to use a good shampoo suited to your hairtype, eg. fine, coloured etc, with a matching conditioner. Massage the shampoo onto the roots of your hair and scalp, and let it cleanse the rest of your hair as it rinses out. Only ever apply conditioner to the midlengths and ends of your hair, as the roots don’t need it. Make sure to rinse off the products thoroughly – or even the best of shine-enhancing shampoos and conditioners will leave your hair looking dull. Always wash your hair in lukewarm water to avoid damage which reduces shine, and after washing, try to finish off with a cold rinse.


Overbrushing your hair is an excellent way to make it look dry and dull. Instead, you need to learn to brush your hair in a way that cares for it. To begin with, avoid brushing your hair while it’s wet. When your hair is damp it loses up to 25% of its elasticity and therefore is more prone to breakage. Only ever brush wet hair with a wide-toothed comb. When brushing your hair at any time, always start with the ends, then move to the midlengths then roots. Otherwise, if you begin brushing at the roots and drag the brush down, any knots or tangles in your hair will compound and you’ll end up with a mess at the end.

Cut Your Hair

Hair ages as it grows. The hair growing out of your scalp is always the youngest but your midlengths and ends – the most visible parts of your hair – are old, especially if you have very long hair. After years of being exposed to the elements it’s not surprising that your hair may be dull and in need of a pick-me-up. A great way to give the end of your hair a little TLC is to have it trimmed regularly. This doesn’t mean losing all your length, but simply involves cutting off the old and split ends, which can ruin the look of many hairstyles. It is recommended that you get your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks.


When drying your hair, always remember to be gentle. To simply towel dry, squeeze out the excess water from your hair and blot it with a towel – never rub or you will encourage breakage. However if you’re interested in a blow-dry, always point the nozzle downward to ensure that your hair dries smooth and use your hair dryer 15cm from yourhead, at the lowest heat setting if possible. This will encourage the hair to take on a smooth, shiny appearance.

Colour Your Hair

One reason why you have seemingly dull and lifeless hair is because of your colour – it may just be a dull shade or if you’ve been dying it regularly, chances are there’s a build-up of colour. One way to fix naturally dull hair is to dye it. You can choose to enhance your hair colour with a semi- or demi-permanant colour, which will wash out gradually and not leave any visible regrowth. You can choose a shade very close to your natural color to simply liven it up or go a different shade – most modern hair dyes contain treatments to inject shine into the hair.


Just like your skin, your hair can get dehydrated too – and its a leading cause of dullness and lack of shine in hair. Drink up on the water to increate your hair’s vitaliy and shine naturally. Your hair may be especially dull after a big night out, but chugging through 8 glasses of water a day should help combat this.


You are what you eat! Food is not only good for your stomach, but for your hair, too. A great hindrance to the health and shine if your hair may be your diet, but ensuring that you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein. Diets such as this add nutrients to the hair and help it grow from the inside out – and strong, healthy hair naturally shines.


Heat styling can leave your hair severely dehydrated and therefore lacking in shine. To protect your hair from the elements while either straightening, blow-drying or curling, use a heat protection styler. This will save your hair from drying out as you style it and will leave it feeling and looking great.


Shiny hair is something really simple to achieve – but if your hair remains dull and lifeless, its time to fake it! Using a product that adds shine will benefit your locks greatly by injecting shine and moisture into the hair. However, it is very important to choose the right product for your hair type. Use a spray if your hair is fine, while a serum is great on thicker hair. Be careful not to use too much, however, or you risk having your hair look greasy or wet.


Your hair is like your skin – it repairs itself overnight. There are numerous treatments on the market which, left in your hair, to wonders to repair it, leaving it healthy and shiny. Applying one of these before bed can give your tresses a much-needed moisture boost. Also, sleeping on a silk pillow case, as opposed to a cotton one, helps alot to prevent tangling and dullness in your hair. This is because your hair slides across the silk pillow case, whereas on cotton it catches.

Get Shiny Hair with Home Remedies

Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with one quart of water and use as a hair rinse after your regular shampoo. Rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, apple cider vinegar helps break down residue build-up leaving your hair soft and full of shine. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and it will be shining in no time.

Coconut Craze

Warm three tablespoons of coconut oil and gently comb into your hair from root to tip. Wrap your hair in a hot towel and let the oil sit for 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse. Loaded with antioxidants, coconut oil works to smooth dry and damaged cuticles and lock in shine.

The Alluring Avocado

Mash an avocado (one avocado for short hair, two for long) in a bowl until it forms a thick paste. Spread the paste on your hair from root to tip and leave on for 20 minutes. Shampoo and rinse. Avocados are high in fatty acids and nutrients. Feed your hair!

Eggs Over Olive Oil

Beat together two eggs for short hair, three for long, and add in three tablespoons of olive oil. Coat your hair from root to tip and leave on for 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse. Eggs contain eleven essential nutrients and are packed with protein. Combine them with olive oil for conditioning and nourishment and you have one powerful duo.


  • Always test for skin allergies before using any home remedies.
  • Be careful when using lemon juice as it can alter the color of your hair if left on too long…just be sure to rinse hair immediately and thoroughly and you’ll be okay.