Get Healthy Hair During Rainy Season

Rainy Season is the time, when we all would love to go out and wants to enjoy the rain, but the change in climate causes many hair related problems also, and hence, the need of proper hair care become even more important to avoid unhealthy and undesirable hair because we all love healthy and beautiful looking hair.

In This season all types of hair get sticky and greasy. So, wash your hair almost everyday with mild shampoo to get rid of the excessive oiliness of hair.People, except those with naturally oily hair, should use conditioner to maintain shine and stop their hair from getting dry and dull. do not comb your greasy and sticky hair too often as in tensive brushing can spread the grease all over the head.

Tips For Hair Care During Rainy Season

  • Always keep an umbrella with you when ever you are going outside of your home, so that you will be able to use it during unexpected rain.As it is known that rain water might negatively impact your hair health if not dried quickly, resulting in more dandruff like scalp problem.
  • If you forgot to take umbrella and your hair got wet due to rain water, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and apply a good quality conditioner on your head to avoid any infection on your scalp, which lead to hair loss.
  • If you got oily hair, take one mug full of water and squeeze a lemon in it. Rinse your hair with lemon water,after washing your hair with a mild shampoo.
  • Wash your hair regularly for a healthy hair which last for ever. Never let your hair be dirty for a longer time.
  • Don’t comb your hair when it is wet.
  • In rainy season avoid excess oil on hair.
  • This is a good practice to go for hot oil massage once in a week. This will help to maintain healthy hair on your head.
  • Don’t keep your hair wet for a longer time. Dry it out using a dry towel.
  • Combination of paste of neem leaves and lemon juice is an excellent Ayurvedic and herbal  medicine for dandruff. Apply the above said paste on your scalp and rinse your hair after few minutes.
  • Add few drops of lemon juice in multani mitti and apply the paste on your hair.Wash it after few minutes. You will find noticeable difference. It helps in making your hair shiny and beautiful with out any side effects.
  • In rainy season it is advisable to keep short hair if possible. Because maintaining  short hair is far easier than long hair.
  • Try to avoid all kind of hair spray. Use only tested mild shampoo and conditioner.
  • Don’t use any chemical on your hair as a  short cut route to get beautiful hair. This may result in severe hair loss along with other negative consequences.