Greasy Hair Causes, Care and Solutions

How to Fix Greasy Hair Fast?

{SCA} Do you have greasy hair? No need to worry, it’s not the end of the world. These days, there is a variety of solutions to take care of it. Greasy hair is due to a build-up of the natural secretion (‘grease’ or, more correctly, sebum) from glands in the scalp (sebaceous glands). The sebum passes into the hair follicle and spreads upwards and over the hair shaft. It is not absorbed into the shaft.

What Are The Causes?

Greasy hair is most likely genetic but it can also be aggravated by stress, anxiety, an unbalanced or high-fat diet, exhaustion, different shampoos and excessive use of chemical dyes.

Types Of Greasy Hair

Greasy hair can also be a linked to the development of skin problems including acne on the face and scalp.

It can be generally categorized into two types which include:

  1. Greasy hair from roots to ends with greasy or oily scalp.
  2. Greasy scalp and roots with dry hair from below roots to the ends.

Greasy Hair Care Tips

How often should you wash greasy hair? There are recommendations that it is necessary to wash greasy hair every 4 or 5 days. There are also other recommendations to wash greasy hair every day. We advise you to wash your hair as often as it gets dirty. You should comb your hair with sparse comb touching your head skin gently (it is better to use horn comb because it absorbs grease perfectly).

What remedy should you use for washing greasy hair? Use shampoos for greasy hair only. Water temperature shouldn’t be hot (40-45C). In addition to shampoo, use folk remedies for greasy hair. For example, after washing your hair rinse it with tincture of nettle, plantain, and coltsfoot. Take one tablespoon of each herb and fill them up with 0.5 liters of boiling water. Let tincture draw for half an hour in a closed dish, and then filter it. Use a hair dryer as rarely as possible, it is better to let your hair dry naturally.

Masks for greasy hair. You can oil your hair with the composition of two parts of lemon juice and one part of carrot juice in an hour or two before washing your hair. But after washing you should rinse your hair with water of room temperature with lemon juice added into it (one tablespoon of lemon juice for two liters of water.)

Ashberry could help you to control hair greasiness. The ashberry decoction is prepared in such manner: fill up 1 tablespoon of berries with 2 glasses of boiling water and boil them for 10 minutes.

Bark of oak decoction may help to reduce hair greasiness. To prepare the decoction you should take three tablespoons of oak bark, and boiling them for 15 minutes in 1 liter of water. This decoction should be used after filtering as water for washing hair. You should use this decoction every five or seven days during two months for effective greasy hair control.

Here is the recipe of effective lotion

Fill up two tablespoons of linden flowers with 0.5 liters of boiling water and then simmer them for two or three minutes. Then cool and filter the decoction, add one tablespoon of vinegar or juice of one lemon, a quarter of a cup of calendula spirit decoction (eucalyptus or camphoric alcohol).

For greasy hair treatment, use the following recipe

Rub lemon juice into your hair between washing it. It is preferably to rub it every other day into partings with cotton pad soaked in a mixture of lemon juice (2 tablespoons) and vodka, or 45% alcohol (half a glass).