10 Simple Hair Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy changes many things about the body, including the hair. The changes and challenges each woman experiences with her hair are unique. Women with usually scanty hair may be astounded with the volume and bounce your hair may get. During all of the excitement and preparations of expecting a baby, hair care can become a neglected luxury.

Hair care tips for pregnant women are well worth following if you want to have healthy hair during and after your pregnancy. However, hair care during pregnancy becomes vital. Here are a few tips on how to make your hair look gorgeous during the most cherished phase of your life.

The Best Hair Care Tips During Pregnancy

  1. Stress levels increase during pregnancy. Better if you pamper yourself with a head massage in a salon once a while.
  2. Following a healthy balanced diet is obviously good overall for you and your baby. It will also help keep your hair in good condition. The hair is made of protein, which you need more of during pregnancy.
  3. One of the best hair care tip during pregnancy is, apply oil. Oil your hair at least three to four times a week. Also, a hot oil massage to your hair can work wonders on your hair. Oil massage can strengthen the roots of your hair remarkably.
  4. Don’t neglect your hair. Even though there will be many other things to worry about, make sure to keep up with daily hair care such as brushing/combing, conditioning, and trims if necessary.
  5. Pregnant women and ladies who have just given birth should avoid tight hairstyles such as braids, cornrows and weaves. These hairstyles can exacerbate hair loss that often occurs naturally after delivery.
  6. Try to keep your scalp clean as much as possible.
  7. Your hair can behave in strange ways when you’re pregnant. You may even find that it changes completely – if you normally have straight hair it can become curly. Work with your hair and adapt to any changes that you experience; it’ll be a lot easier than fighting with it.
  8. Always use a mild shampoo to clean hair. Keep away from chemicals as much as possible. Don’t forget the conditioner.
  9. Drink enough water. Many people do not get enough water as is, but it can be especially difficult to obtain enough liquids while carrying another life.
  10. Do not comb your hair when wet. Always use a wide tooth comb to avoid hair fall.