8 Healthy Hair Care Tips for Winter 2015

Winter is a season when your hair starts to turn dry and limp. Your hair can lose its lustre if you don’t take proper care in winter. From hat hair to static electricity, split ends to dry frizz, when winter weather hits, a bad hair day can last an entire season.

Not so fast snow bunny – winter is still your hair’s enemy. The reason is indoor heating, which experts say can be something akin to spending an entire afternoon under a hair dryer! Here’s our winter hair care advice to keep your hair shining and healthy all year round.

The Best Hair Care Tips for Winter Season 2015

  1. Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner to get a healthy shine. But avoid using too much of shampoo, as it is a fact that due to cold winter winds, your hair and scalp are left dry. Wash your hair not more than twice a week and use lukewarm water to avoid frizziness and to maximise moisture.
  2. Always Towel-dry your hair well, brush or comb, and rub the lengths again with another dry towel. If you have curly or frizzy hair, let it dry naturally.
  3. Hot Oil Treatments: Grab a single-use bottle at the beauty supply store, or grab some Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the cupboard. It will help heal your hair from daily wear and tear. Apply directly to damp hair, and put on a plastic cap and/or a hot towel. Hello, hair repair!
  4. Argan Oil is a great product to use during cold spells as they moisturise the hair instantly. Make sure the oil is not too heavy for your hair type. Ask your hair stylist who can recommend a light version.
  5. Regular trims are essential. The most effective way to keep your hair healthy is to get rid of those dry ends.
  6. Avoid using a hairdryer. Ideally, it is always good to let your hair dry naturally. If you are using a hairdryer, don’t over dry your hair as it will leave it frizzy and damaged. Try to set your hairdryer on the ‘cool’ mode as it is gentler, although it might be a little time consuming.
  7. Our hair color fades faster in the winter as we wash our hair more often due to weather conditions. Avoid washing your hair in hot water as it dries out the hair. Instead wash your hair in lukewarm water and blast with cold water at the ends to help close and seal the hair cuticles.
  8. Cover your crown to protect your hair from the cold. Make sure to wear a scarf or a hat to lock in the moisture of your tresses and to save it from breakage.

Please share your best winter hair care tips. I would love to hear your ideas, in the event that a friend wants some advice, or if I’m on assignment again!