The Tips on How To Conceal Hair Loss

Hair loss affects both men and women, and some people feel embarrassed about their visibly thinning hair and seek out ways to conceal their hair loss. It’s not always possible to regrow your hair after you’ve lost it, even after going for expensive treatments and using the hair regrowth products on the market. In case you are suffering from the same problem, even after trying lots of treatments, and do not want to go for hair weaving, then hiding the bald patch is the next best option. We will look at some of the most popular in addition to other ways that you can maximize the coverage of your scalp.

How To Cover Up Female Hair Loss

  1. Your hair stylist may be able to assist you by recommending a particular hair style that will help to cover up your thin areas. Don’t be afraid to ask because they will certainly be able to help in this regard.
  2. Try the blow drying trick: If you are suffering from hair loss around the top of your head, blow drying is one of the best options for you. As soon as you get out of the shower, pat your hair dry. When it becomes damp, not dripping wet, bowl dry it thoroughly, to give it added texture and body, in turn providing your head more coverage.
  3. Use volumizing shampoo. These kinds of shampoos add thickness to your hair so it covers more of your scalp than if you used another type of shampoo.
  4. Think about wearing a hat or bandana, when appropriate, or even a toupee or hairpiece. You can get a hairpiece made to fit your remaining hair or bald head and wear it even during swimming and other athletic activities.
  5. Hair piece or wig. This is a more traditional type of way to conceal hair loss, although there are many pros and cons to using a hair wig or hair piece.
  6. Getting a buzz cut is your option: In this context, buzz cut is one of the most preferred hairstyles, which is used by sports stars and businessmen alike, to get away with hair loss. Apart from being a popular and classy haircut, it is also very easy to maintain. In case you don’t want to visit a salon regularly, after getting the cut, just buy a wet-dry electric razor and groom your hair at home only.
  7. If you have thinning hair or even a tiny bald spot then dying your hair a lighter color will help create the illusion of scalp coverage since the white scalp is particularly visible against dark hair.

Hope you will like this article. Always follow your doctor’s advice concerning medication and surgery. Inform your doctor about any medications you take regularly, and find out about side effects and interactions.