How To Get Perfect Hair For Children

Caring for your child’s hair is not the same as caring for adult hair. Because children have fine hair, and sensitive skin, the shampoos and conditioners used by adults may irritate the skin, and dry out the scalp. These shampoos also contain chemicals that sting the eyes. Using the right shampoo, and using the proper detangling technique is key in keeping your child’s hair and scalp healthy Following the correct steps in combing will also make the experience easier on both you and your child.


For some children, a trip to the salon is a big treat, for many others it’s a frightening experience. Sitting still while a stranger cuts your hair can be intimidating for young children.

You can help create a positive environment for your child’s hair cut by trying out the following options:

Children’s Salons

Find out if you have a specialized children’s salon in your area. They are designed to make the hair cutting experience a fun one with toys, video games, fun shaped chairs and treats.

Home Cuts

If your child is frightened of the hairdresser, you could try cutting their hair at home. Many children will feel much more comfortable in their own home environment. If you don’t feel confident enough to cut their hair, you can get someone to help you.

Hair Care Tips


wash hair using a mild shampoo that doesn’t sting their eyes. When they are old enough, teach them how to shampoo and rinse their own hair. Use conditioner when your child is older and has longer hair. Avoid putting conditioner on the scalp.


detangling is best done before you wash your child’s hair. Use a wide tooth comb and start at the bottom of the hair, working your way up. Tangles can cause terrible battles between you and your child. To reduce the pain of combing tangled hair, hold taut the section of hair you are trying to comb. ForĀ  problematic tangles, you can spray in a good detangler.


encourage your child to comb/ brush their own hair. Don’t believe the myth about brushing hair 100 strokes before bedtime – this over stimulates the sebaceous glands and leaves hair very greasy. Use a comb, not a brush on hair that is wet. It promotes shine and minimizes hair breakage.


use good quality brushes, combs and accessories for your child’s hair. Kids love having fun clips and hair ties. Avoid hair clips with sharp teeth, as these can hurt the scalp and cause hair damage. Keeping hair neatly tied back is a good way of avoiding hair tangling.

As your children get older, they will begin to have preferences about the hairstyles they like. This is a natural identity issue that stays with us into adulthood. By teaching your children good hair care techniques when they are young, you will be guiding them to a lifetime of healthy hair.


While baby shampoo is less likely to sting the eyes, irritation can still occur. Avoid getting shampoo directly in the child’s eyes.