Natural Home Remedies for Dry Damaged Hair

Dry hair tends to be thin and rough. It is susceptible to tangles, damage, breakage and split ends. We suggest a few remedies you can try at home for managing dry hair. The primary aim is to replenish the oil and the moisture in the hair. That is why the emphasis is on the conditioning aspect of hair care. Strong cleansing routines and dry toning exercises and massaging of the scalp promote dryness and flakiness of the scalp. The use of strong-action shampoo is prohibited for dry hair. Often a generous oil application and massage is recommended before washing the hair. Frequent shampooing is harmful for dry hair. For the moisture-dry hair, a moisturizer application is required.

Common Causes for Dry Hair

  • One of the major causes for dry hair is malnutrition. Lack of certain nutrients in your daily dietary plan may result in dry hair.
  • Over exposure to sun is another cause for drying of hair.
  • Excessive use of certain hair styling products that may contain some harsh chemicals may also lead to this problem.
  • If you wash your hair very often, it can also cause drying of hair.
  • Drying your hair with hair dryer at a very high temperature can also cause loss of moisture, thereby resulting in dry hair.
  • Intake of certain medicines such as antibiotics can also cause the problem of dry hair.
  • Prolonged illness can also lead to dry and brittle hair.

Home Remedies for Dry Hair

Be Kind to Your Hair

Dry hair is the most fragile type of hair and is subject to breakage, so it must be handled with care. When lathering, be gentle. Avoid any pulling or yanking on your hair in any way, which strains the hair shafts. Don’t scrub with your fingernails, which can not only break the hair but irritate your scalp. Work up a lather using your fingertips, instead. Gently rubbing your scalp with your fingertips will also stimulate the oil glands.

Use Hot Oil

Hair-care professionals often recommend hot-oil treatments to repair dry, damaged hair. Over-the-counter hot-oil products are available that you heat and place on the hair for 5 to 20 minutes (according to package instructions). Wear a plastic bag or shower cap over your hair while the hot oil is on, then wash the hair thoroughly with a gentle shampoo.

Brush Less

Despite what you may have heard, too much brushing can actually fracture the hair, causing it to fall out. Fragile, dry hair is even more vulnerable to excessive brushing. Always brush hair gently and never when it is wet (use a comb, carefully, when hair is wet). The type of hairbrush you use is important, too. Boar-bristle brushes or “vent” brushes are good choices, since their rubberized tips don’t pull the hair excessively.

Pace Your Hair Treatments

If you perm on Tuesday, dye your hair on Thursday, and put it in hot rollers on Saturday, your hair is destined to be dry and damaged. You don’t have to abandon styling practices such as dyes, permanent waves, or hair straightening if you have dry hair. Just keep in mind that it’s important to space those treatments out as much as possible.

Be Careful With Shampoo

Shampooing too often is one of the most common causes of dry hair. Many people believe that squeaky-clean hair is healthy hair, so they wash it one or more times every day. But shampoos often contain harsh cleaning agents that can strip away your hair’s natural oils, which help hold in moisture. On the other hand, a gentle shampoo will stimulate the oil glands, so you probably shouldn’t go longer than three days without a good lather.

The ideal shampoos for dry hair have a pH of between 4.5 and 6.7, but here’s a good rule of thumb: Don’t use any hair cleanser that you wouldn’t put on your face. Some people recommend baby shampoos, but their pH is usually far too high; such alkaline shampoos dry out the hair. Acidic shampoos are better for your hair.

Pour on the Conditioner

Strawlike hair needs conditioning. Look for products that contain little or no alcohol, which will dry out hair even more. Reading labels will help, but it might be simpler just to take a whiff before you buy: Conditioners with little or no fragrance tend to be low in alcohol or contain none at all. If your hair is really dry, consider using an overnight conditioner, which you apply before going to bed (you sleep wearing a shower cap) and rinse off in the morning.

Hold the Heat

Using hot combs, hot rollers, and blow-dryers is asking for dry hair. Hot rollers are the worst because they stretch the hair while the heat shrinks it. Hot combs also tend to stretch the hair while exposing it to heat. If you must use artificial heat, keep your blow-dryer on a low setting and avoid pulling or stretching the hair while drying.

Look in the Cupboard

Nuts and seeds. Try snacking on some seeds and nuts. They contain essential fatty acids that can pop that sheen right back into your hair.
Avocado and banana. Mash a little overripe banana and avocado together, spread in your hair, and leave it there for up to an hour. Then rinse with warm water.

Beer. After your shampoo, rinse your hair with a little beer. This can help restore shine.
Mayonnaise. You’ll need the full-fat kind, not a diet or low-fat version. Slather 1 tablespoon or so onto your hair, rub it in down to your scalp, then cover with a plastic cap and wait about 30 minutes. Rinse it out thoroughly or you’ll be craving tuna salad the rest of the day.

Oil. Rub a little oil into your scalp. Olive oil works well, as does coconut oil. After you rub it on, cover your hair with a cap and leave it on overnight, then shampoo and rinse the oil out in the morning.

Use Eggs for Shine

To clean hair and give it a super shine, whip an egg into tepid water (not too hot or you’ll be dealing with a poached egg), then lather it into your hair. Rinse it out with tepid water or that egg will poach right on top of your head. To deep-treat damaged hair, give it a healthy sheen, and cure dryness right down to the roots, use this pre-shampoo conditioning treatment: Mix together 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons olive oil or safflower oil, and 1 teaspoon vinegar. Apply it to your tresses, cover with a plastic cap, and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then shampoo as usual.

Try Vinegar

There are several ways you can help your dry hair with vinegar. Vinegar is a great conditioner and can improve cleanliness and shine. Just add 1 tablespoon vinegar to your hair as you rinse it. Keep a travel-size plastic bottle of vinegar in your shower for this purpose, and take one when you travel, too. Since dandruff can make your hair look dull, use vinegar to make dandruff disappear. Massage full-strength vinegar into your scalp several times a week before you shampoo. Or, a brief soak in vinegar and water before you shampoo can help control dandruff as well as remove the dulling buildup from sprays, shampoos, and conditioners.

Add 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to a small basin of water and drape your hair into it. As an alternative, you can put the concoction in a spray bottle and apply it to your hair. A conditioner that controls dandruff and gives your hair a healthy shine can be made by mixing 2 cups water and 1/2 cup vinegar. Apply the conditioner after rinsing out your shampoo, and let it stay on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. If you need a stronger treatment for dandruff control, use this same method, but keep the rinse on your hair for 1 hour, covered with a shower cap. Then rinse it out. This vinegar rinse will also help control frizziness in dry or damaged hair.

Some More Remedies for Dry Hair

  • To a cup of coconut milk add two tablesthingys of gram flour. Apply on the scalp and massage gently. Rinse the hair after five minutes. Use this method once a week. This is very good and effective home remedy for dry hair.
  • Make a conditioner by mixing one tablesthingy of castor oil, one tablesthingy of glycerin, a teasthingy of cider vinegar, a teasthingy of protein to a tablesthingy of mild herbal shampoo. Apply it on scalp and leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse the hair.
  • Massage the scalp with warm almond or olive oil.
  • Add a teasthingy of lavender oil to the coconut oil and heat it for few seconds. Massage the scalp at night and shampoo the hair next morning. Follow this procedure twice a week for soft and shiny hair. This is very useful home remedy for dry hair.
  • A diet rich in zinc should be followed, as the main cause of dry hair is the deficiency of mineral zinc.