Prevention Tips For Dry Hair During This Winter

Bad hair is not intentionally trying to ruin your day; it is trying to tell you something. Your hair is kind of smart, if you listen to it. It tells you what it needs. So what is your hair trying to tell you when it ends look like the bristles on a broom? It is telling you to stop doing whenever are causing it to dry out and find a conditioner that will help replace some of the natural oils that are being stripped out. Here are a few tips that can help you to minimize its damage.

Wash Hair Every Other Day

You may think washing your hair everyday is locking in moisture. But it actually dries it out and strips your hair of its natural oils! Wash hair every other day with a moisturizing shampoo that way you’re locking in your natural hair oils and keeping it moisturized.

Keep Hair Moisturized

Always, always, always use a moisturizing conditioner and shampoo! In between washes use a light oil sheen spray something with SPF in it.

Hot Oil Treatments

My hair is extremely dry so I have to double-up (and sometimes triple) my moisturizing! I use a hot oil treatment at least twice a month! After I have washed my hair I use a hot oil treatment (you can create your own by using Olive Oil in your pantry) warm it for about 30 seconds and massage it into your scalp. Sit under a warm towel or dryer for 20 minutes then rinse. This will keep your hair healthy!

Less Heat

We practically live by flat irons, and blow dryer and hot rollers. All that heat is so damaging to our hair. Use less heat! Try rolling your hair at night (with non-heating rollers) to preserve curls, and let your hair air dry!

Brush Less

Somewhere in history we were told that brushing 100 times a day keeps the hair healthy and strong… NOT! It actually makes our hair strands thin and causes split ends! Brush hair twice a day if you can, in the morning and at night. If you’re worried about wind blown hair or keeping your style use a light holding spray.

Heat Protection

Since it’s not that easy to avoid using flat irons and blow dryers. We can minimize and prevent damge of the hair by heat. I spray it on my hair after I’ve washed it and before I blow dry it. You can also spritz a little of this Heat Protexx on before you curl your hair.

Avoid Products with Alcohol

Alcohol is the number 1 drying chemical of the hair. Harsh spritz and sprays that we use to hold our hair in place are damaging! Use a spray that does not include alcohol it’s lighter and its healthier for the hair. My favorite oil sheen is by Proclaim Professional Care Olive Moisturizing Oil Sheen spray. It contains no drying alcohol!

Use Home-Made Products

Do it yourself! A lot of what’s in our kitchen is good for our scalp! Mayonnaise, avocadoes, cucumbers and olive oil… Create your own remedies; it’s cheap and you eat it anyway, so why not trust it for your hair? I use Olive Oil for my hot oil treatments, and avocadoes are good for moisturizing the scalp!

Take A Supplement

We may not follow all the rules when it comes to keep our hair healthy. Take a supplement like Biotin, or Vitamins A and E. Biotin and Vitamin E focus on the hair and skin!

Watch What You Eat

What goes in shows in our hair and skin! Eat more vegetables and fruit. Also exercise, because staying active relieves all toxins in your body through sweat and those toxins could be what’s making your hair dry.

Condition Your Hair

After each washing of your hair, it is recommended to apply a conditioner specifically designed for dry hair. Conditioners replace or lock in the natural oils that often get stripped out. Conditioning your hair after each washing should help you to lubricate your once-dry hair.


Split ends and brittle hair can result from not taking care of your hair properly during the winter season.