Repair Your Split Ends Hair Today

What are split ends hair? The reason, excess dry and damaged hair shafts start to split at the end. Hair becomes really brittle as the protective layer of cuticle gets lost from the tip of hair strands. This will give you 2-3 centimeters long splits in two or three strands of hair. Although a well-known and trusted method of getting rid split ends hair is by cutting them, the issue will replicate once the hair grows back. Split ends hair growth will keep continuing the cycle if proper and effective remedies are not followed. To prevent split ends hair, first take a look at its causes and then we will venture on to its treatment methods.

Causes of Split Ends

Split ends occur when your hair’s cuticle wears down. Usually, cuticle damage results from hair styling. The following can all contribute to split ends:

  • Brushing hair while it is wet can make hair ends split.
  • Coloring your hair, applying a perm or chemically straightening your hair can cause split ends by drying the hair.
  • Excessive brushing of the hair and brushing hair in the opposite direction of hair growth can disturb the cuticle and cause split ends.
  • Hair accessories, including ponytail holders and headbands, can damage and weaken the ends of your hair.
  • Using heated appliances (e.g., blow dryers, curling irons, rollers, straightening irons, etc.) can dry the hair and cause it to split.

Split Ends Hair Care Tips

An effective remedy for split ends is trimming. Trim your hair regularly, say, about two to three centimeters from the tip. This can prevent the occurrence of split ends. To do this at home, take a small section of your hair and then gently twist it in a downward motion. The split ends will stick out by doing this. Locate the split ends, sticking out of the twisted hair, and trim them off, using a sharp pair of scissors.

To keep your hair healthy and prevent the occurrence of split ends, you should wash your hair regularly and condition it well.

Always wash your hair from the root to the tip, in case of very dry and brittle hair. Since the tips of the hair strands are deprived of the protective layer of cuticle, doing this will ensure that, your hair doesn’t split anymore.

While conditioning your hair, apply the conditioner in your hair, from the root to tip, and cover your head with a shower cap, with all your hair inside it. Now, place a towel, dampened with lukewarm water, on the top of the cap. Leave it there for about 10 minutes. Remove the cap and rinse your hair thoroughly, with cold water. The treatment is a surefire way to get rid of split ends. This will help you to get rid of the split ends, if you do it once a week on a regular basis.

In case your hair is extremely dry, apply a shampoo that contains moisturizing cream in it. This will moisten your dry hair as well as prevent split ends.

Give regular lukewarm oil massages to your hair, to prevent split ends. While massaging, make sure that you apply the oil from the root to tip of your hair. You may choose coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil for the purpose.

Vigorous brushing or combing of hair can cause split ends. This is because harsh treatment of the hair may remove the protective cuticle layer from the strands. Hence, use a wide-toothed comb, to detangle your hair. Always brush/comb your hair gently.

Always brush your hair when it is dry. Brushing wet hair will not only lead to hair loss, but also remove the cuticle from the strands. Using a soft-bristled brush, comb you hair down from the crown to the tip of your strands, in a gently manner.

How Can You Avoid Split Ends In The First Place?

Get Regular Trims

Many hairstylists recommend that you get a trim every six weeks in order to maintain your style and keep the ends of your hair healthy. Even if you’re trying to grow out a style, a regular trim is important because split ends can continue to split up the hair shaft and cause even more damage. Avoiding a trim today could result in the need for a more drastic cut tomorrow.

Shampoo Less

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Most of us shampoo much more often than we need to! Unless your hair is super oily, try an every-other-day cleansing schedule to avoid drying out your hair.

Deep-Condition Your Hair

Whether your hair is naturally dry or damaged from excessive heat styling, that dryness is a big contributing factor to split ends. Weekly deep-conditioning treatments can help moisturize your hair and prevent the ends from becoming brittle and breakable.

Limit Your Use of Heat-Styling Tools

If your daily hair care routine has you reaching for the blow-dryer and a flat iron or curling iron, you’re doing some serious damage to your hair. If at all possible, avoid daily use of heat-styling tools. When you do use them, coat your hair first with a protective heat-styling product, and don’t use the hottest setting on your blow-dryer or flat iron.

Comb And Brush Your Hair Carefully

Brushing your hair gently before you shampoo is a great way to prevent damaging tangles in the shower. Post shampoo, use a wide-tooth comb to distribute conditioner through your wet hair. And after conditioning, always use a comb to detangle wet hair in order to prevent breakage.