Stop Split End Hairs with Natural Remedies

Split ends are also known as trichoptilosis. It is more prevalent among women with long hair as they avoid regular trimming. As the hair grows and attains a certain length, the protective layer, cuticle, gets damaged and the fibers of the inner layers, the cortex and medulla get thrashed. Generally, the hair splits into two or three strands, each strand measuring two to three centimeters in length. The remedy under such conditions is the trimming of hair on a regular basis. If you pay no heed to this condition, the situation will deteriorate. The splits will continue up the hair shaft leading to greater damage of the hair and it needs to be cut.

Split ends are dreaded by every woman. Splits are more likely to develop in dry or brittle hair and the typical causes of damage include excessive dying or vigorous brushing. There are easier ways of getting rid of split ends. Do-it-yourself hair trims are a way out. Here are some tips for removing split ends.

Olive Oil

Olive oil of all the home remedies for split ends we tested, olive oil was the most effective. It seems there is nothing that olive oil isn’t good for. We found the olive oil to be most beneficial when heated and used as a deep conditioner. All you need to do is heat the olive oil in the microwave, and then massage it throughout your hair. Put a shower cap on, and let the olive oil work into your hair for at least half an hour. After it’s fully soaked into your hair, carefully rinse the product away.

Change in Hair Care Routine

Brushing your hair after you’ve just shampooed it can be very damaging and help those ends to split. Instead, brush your hair thoroughly before you wash it, and use a wide-tooth comb in the shower to comb through any conditioner you may be using. After your shower, consider letting your hair air-dry if you can, or at least use a cooler setting on your blow dryer. Avoid using rollers, either heated or unheated. While heat is very damaging to hair on its own, hair can also be stressed to the point of breaking off or splitting when twisted on rollers or in tight braids. Finger-comb your hair when it is dry, and sleep with it in a loose braid or bun to protect it from tangling at night.


Yes, we realize having beer in your hair recalls old memories of college parties, but the truth is beer is actually an effective hair conditioner. Take about a pint of beer, and work it through your hair. Be sure the beer is fully soaked into your follicles before you rinse out when. When rinsing, take extra care to remove all the beer. Otherwise, you’ll have a lingering smell of someone who’s been out partying all night.

Nourish Hair Ends with Honey

Honey is naturally vitamin-packed and enriching for hair, and has the property of allowing hair to retain its moisture. While a honey conditioning treatment cannot magically “reglue” your split ends, it can restore the overall health of your hair so as to make it less likely for further split ends to develop. Try mixing a few tablespoons of honey with an equal amount of olive oil, then massaging this ointment into your hair and covering it with a shower cap. If you wait for about half an hour to 45 minutes, then rinse with cool water, shampoo and rinse again, your hair should feel shiny and healthy.


Almost everybody has a jar of mayonnaise in their refrigerator. But we doubt you keep it in their for a hair care remedy. However, we found mayo to be a fairly effective home remedy for split ends. It’s certainly not the cleanest conditioner, but if used regularly, it can increase the strength and health of your hair.

Strengthen Hair With Papaya

Papayas contain amino acids and protein which can help to make hair stronger. Mashing up a ripe papaya (skinned, de-seeded) and mixing it with half a cup of plain yogurt makes a nourishing hair treatment that can create hair which is much less likely to split and break. Apply the papaya mix all over your hair, cover it with a shower cap, and let it sit for half an hour before rinsing and washing your hair.

Moisturize Hair with Avocado

The avocado is full of fatty acids that can make the driest hair feel softer and bouncier. If you mash up an avocado with one egg and three tablespoonfuls of olive oil, you can apply this to your hair like a conditioner. You should leave it in your hair for 20 minutes or so so the nutrients can really sink in, then rinse your hair and wash it with a mild shampoo. Any leftover avocado mixture can be used as a face mask, or you may store it in the refrigerator for up to one week to use for a second conditioning treatment.