The Best African American Hair Care Tips

Among the different types of hair, African Americans have the most unique kind of hair that often times difficult to care or maintain for. It may even take several days just to straighten the entire hair.

However, thanks to the growing African American hair care treatment products that are available in hair care saloons today, caring such types of hair became manageable and easier.

However having a thick and kinky hair is not easy to manage or care for, but there are some ways that you can do just avoid exposing your hair in too much heat especially if you’re using heat to straighten your kinky hair. Below are some tips for African American hair care that may be suitable and good for other types of hair as well:

Hair Care Tips for Black Women:

  • If your hair is frizzy and brittle at the ends that means it’s unhealthy. You should cut you ends at least ¼ of inch every six to eight weeks. This process keeps your hair looking healthy and makes it grow more evenly. Only clip the damage part of the ends. Make sure it’s even.
  • Balding could be a sign of stress, heredity, over processing, side effects from medications, illness or the use of excessive heat used on the hair. Massage your scalp gently with your fingertips, great way to do it is when you are applying moisturizer to you hair. Massage for about two minutes at least every other day. This simulates your hair follicles so that your hair can grow.
  • Use a good moisturizing conditioning shampoo. Wash your hair at least once a week. I wash mine once a week, especially when it’s damage to get it back on the right track! I love Pantene shampoo made for women of color, Motions or Cream of Nature all three cleanses your hair from build up while conditioning, strengthening and softening the hair for easy combing.
  • If your hair is weak use a Hot Oil Treatment once a week after shampooing your hair. Follow the directions on the back and you are good to go, but leave the oil in for at least 20 minutes. Once your tresses shows signs of strength and gets back healthy do the treatment once every two weeks to keep it that way.
  • After washing let your hair air dry if possible. You want to try not to use too much heat on your hair. Hot combing and flat ironing damages the hair over time. So try to use them at least twice a week, wear you hair in a ponytail or put a wig on if you’re into stuff like that on some days, but try not to put the ponytail too tight it can pull the hair out. Hair dyes and perms can damage hair if misused. So if you use these chemicals you need to condition your hair weekly. Rinses are good for the hair too.
  • Eating the right foods are a for sure way to keep our dark and lovely tresses beautiful! Eating foods with Vitamins B12, B6, and E are excellent for healthy hair and skin. You can also purchase hair supplements to
  • take too.
  • Brushing is a big no, no! Brushing actually pulls the hair out and does not massage the scalp like a comb does. So only brush when putting in a ponytail or certain style. I would not recommend daily brushing.
  • If you have the time wraps are great! You usually don’t need any curling irons or flat irons during this process, depending what style you want.
  • Last but not least. Wear a satin cap or scarf on your head before bed. While you sleep you toss and turn and you hair creates friction while on the pillow which causes your hair to break off. They now have scarves with conditioners but in them which are good for keeping your hair strong and your style in place.