The Best Ways To Bleach Your Hair

You cannot go blonde, especially if you’re a brunette or have black hair, by using a box color kit. You’ll end up with orange hair. Instead you must bleach hair first if you plan to lighten your hair more than three shades. To bleach hair, especially if you’d like to be a medium or darker blonde, you need to go through a two-step process of bleaching first and coloring afterward.

Unless you’re truly experienced with applying color to your hair, you’ll definitely want to get an assistant to help you bleach hair. It’s difficult to apply bleaching formulas especially to the areas of your hair you can’t see, like the back of your head. In truth, if you want the best results, use a professional colorist instead of doing this on your own. They bleach hair every day, and are much more experienced at the process than you. You’re likely to be more satisfied with the results than if you do it yourself. However, for the people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on hair coloring, this is the standard method to bleach hair at home.

Things You’ll Need:

  • At least 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
  • Cotton Swabs and/or Spray Bottle
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Running cold water

How to Bleach Your Hair:

  1. Wear Goggles or you risk going blind!
  2. Do not let the bleach get onto bare skin or clothing.
  3. Do not contact with eyes.
  4. Never use a metal clip or a metal mixing bowl!
  5. Use gloves!
  6. Bleaching hair with reddish tones will turn orange.
  7. Don’t use chlorine bleach to color hair. The term “bleach” refers to hair bleach which can be purchased from beauty supply stores.
  8. On natural black hair, it is more likely to turn out the color you prefer easier than unnatural black hair. If your hair is dyed black unnaturally, then you have to wait a little longer till you can bleach again. Or else the color will turn out the same color you dyed before the black.
  9. Doing this too often may damage your hair.
  10. If done wrong, it may turn your hair an orange color. You can remove the orange tone with a toner which can be purchased from beauty supply stores. (A toner tones down the orange or yellow so it can look more natural).
  11. Any bleach massaged in your scalp will most likely result in chemical burns, which are little scabs that not only are gross, but hurt! They are easy to get if you over process without giving your scalp a chance to breathe and heal!
  12. Do not leave the bleach mix on for over an hour! You will get chemical burns and your hair will be destroyed!
  13. If you breathe in too much bleach while applying it to your hair, and start feeling nausea, call a doctor right away.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide isn’t safe to use around children as it will burn and be very painful if it gets in your eyes or if you swallow it. Be careful and use common sense.
  • Keep an eye on the bleach every 5minutes as can take to some hair quicker than others.
  • Always do a patch test to make sure the bleach won?t irritate your scalp and to see the color before you bleach your whole head.
  • Best of going to salon first, as they can tell you if your hair can take it, if your hair is brittle can cause it to snap in areas or become stringie like gum.
  • Be aware that bleach can stain your skin, so wear plastic gloves before you apply the mixture.