Tips For Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo

A few hundred years ago, the idea of washing your hair sans chemicals would have been commonplace. Today it seems strange or even unhygienic; yet some people are turning back to traditional methods of haircare. Whether stemming from a desire to reduce consumption, avoid chemicals, relieve conditions such as eczema or dermatitis, or simply experiment, shampoo-free washing (known affectionately as no-pooing or water-only washing) can be very effective in maintaining clean and healthy hair.

You can wash your hair without the help of a shampoo. The ingredients for your shampoo will be available in your kitchen shelf. This will work best if you wait a few days after your last hair washing. Your hair may also have to go through a “detox” period of greasy hair which can last a week or two. During this time your hair is getting rid of old shampoo build-up. Be patient. Some may be apprehensive about experimenting. Do not worry this technique  surely does help.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Conditioner
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Rinse
  • Baking soda
  • Sulfate free shampoo

Tips for Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo:

  1. You can use a inexpensive silicone-free conditioner, such as the Vo5 or Suave Naturals brands, to scrub your scalp. Use a moisturizing conditioner, Devacurl and Jessicurl make great ones, for the rest of your hair.
  2. Try adding honey to your hair with your conditioner. It cleanses the hair and adds moisture and shine. Rinse it out like it is normal conditioner. You can leave some honey in your hair, but make sure it’s not more than a drop or two- your hair will end up sticky and coated.
  3. Be patient and experiment with hair products and changes to your routine. Your hair may never be perfectly frizz-free all the time, but it can get close. Visit the external links for more suggestions and hints.
  4. If you want to reduce the ‘shock’ to your hair in the transition from using shampoo, then all you need to do is progressively water down your shampoo before going no poo. Once you have decided to go no poo, buy your last bottle of shampoo, use it as normal but top up the bottle with water each time you use it. After a short while you will find that using more and more dilute shampoo works just as well, and eventually you can stop using it altogether.
  5. After swimming in chlorinated water, conditioner is not sufficient to remove the chemicals. You can try using home remedies, but it’s best to use a non-sulfate shampoo. Look in the ingredients and make sure it does not contain sodium/ammonium lauryl/laureth sulfate. See this page for a full list of sulfates.
  6. For the period in which your hair is adjusting (2-4 weeks) try wearing your hair in braids, the most healthy style for hair.


  • Only use the shampoo substitutes once a week at the most or it could be too drying.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and do what works best for you.
  • Make sure to wash out the lemon juice completely. Otherwise it could lighten your hair in the sun.