3 Best Ways To Permanent Hair Removal At Home

Hair removal in today’s society is a big problem for men and especially women. This is because society constantly emphasizes physical beauty as the most important part of being human. The ideal woman shown in magazines, in films and on television shows are slim and hairless. You would never find a woman with a beard or hairy arms and legs on the front page of a magazine. Society maintains that women are only beautiful when they have hairless bodies and smooth skin.

Unfortunately many women fall into the trap of believing that even the slightest amount of body hair makes them ugly. So, they constantly strive to maintain that perfect body image. While true beauty does not hinge on body image, it is important that women keep themselves clean and well-shaven. Above all, women need to have a reason to feel good about themselves.

But nowadays, hair removal has become an indispensable beauty ritual, which is practiced through various methods. Though the most popular among them is shaving, it cannot ensure permanent hair removal. Most people, especially women, want their body hair to be removed permanently, to get rid of the frequent visits to the salon. But most of the permanent hair removal methods are very expensive and sometimes, painful too. Here are 3 ways, which can help you with permanent hair removal at home.

3 Easy Way To Hair Removal At Home

Remedies for Dealing with the Situation:

There are a number of remedies for dealing with unwanted hair, including bleaching, short-term hair removal, long-term hair removal and permanent hair removal. Here are some of the most popular methods of removing unwanted hair.

  • Bleaching. Bleaching the hair makes the hair more difficult see.
  • Plucking the hairs out using a tweezer. (This is popular when dealing with eyebrow hair.)
  • Trimming the hair.
  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Using an epilator
  • Depilatory creams
  • Electrolysis
  • Laser hair removal

Natural Remedies for Permanent Hair Removal:

A lot of hair removal methods require the use of harsh chemicals, but there are some natural remedies for removing unwanted hair. Shaving and plucking can be considered natural remedies, so far as they do not require the use of chemicals. Here are some other natural remedies for body hair removal and facial hair removal.

  • Hair can be bleached with lemon juice and chamomile tea.
  • Sugaring is a method first used in ancient Egypt. By combining honey, lemon and sugar you can create your own mixture. It is used in a similar way to waxing.
  • A rough stone (like a pumice stone) can be used to remove hair by causing friction.
  • Some hair removal products can be purchased that use only natural ingredients.
  • Hot water and steam are not methods of dealing with unwanted hair, but they are helpful when removing hair from the roots. Before plucking, waxing or using an epilator, a hot bath or a facial sauna with open up the pores and make the hairs easier to remove.

Using Creams And Gadgets:

There are many creams and gadgets on the market that assist women in facial hair removal and body hair removal. Depilatory creams use chemicals to dissolve the hairs at the skin’s surface. They are often used for facial hair removal or removal of hairs around the bikini line.

Different creams can be purchased for different hair removal tasks. As these creams contain harsh chemicals, they may irritate the skin. For this reason, all creams should be tested on the skin before use.

Hair bleaches lighten the hair, so that it is becomes less visible. There are a number of hair bleaches available in the stores. Hair bleaches are popular for facial hair, where it is difficult to remove hair without waxing or undergoing permanent hair removal treatments, like laser facial hair removal.

Waxing is a popular way of removing unwanted body and facial hair. There are a number of special waxing kits available for purchase, some of which include all-natural ingredients. People can also get their hair waxed at beauty salons. Shaving removes the hair at the skin’s surface.

As the hair is cut off, it may grow back thicker and darker than before. Shaving products include razors, disposable razors and electric razors. Shaving cream can help while shaving, but it does not help remove unwanted hair. Epilators are electronic devices that roll along the body, pulling up hairs at the root.

As the hairs are removed at the root, it takes longer for the hairs to grow back than they would in normal shaving. All of these methods can be useful while dealing with unwanted hair. Some of these methods last longer than others, but none of them provide permanent hair removal.