Brazilian Waxing at Home: Helpful Tips

Having your in home waxing treatment, especially specialist Brazilian Waxing, ensures it is as convenient as possible for you as well as being discreet and easier to maintain. With Brazilian Waxing the bikini area will remain hair free for a longer period of time in comparison to other hair removal methods.

  • If you have never had a brazilian wax done- go have one done professionally at a GOOD salon.This is very, very important and I can not stress this enough! Take Advil about an hour before you go. This can be done in the morning and you will be ready to surprize your sweetheart that night.
  • Take a shower THE NIGHT BEFORE. Do not apply any lotion, cream, powder to the kitty area. Also make sure it’s not “that time” because things will be more sensitive then. If you have children do everything you can to have them completely out of the house when you are waxing. Or you can do this very late at night after they go to bed.
  • Hard Wax can take several hours to heat to the proper consistency. It should be like honey. Prepare the room you are going to use and use old sheets, towels so you don’t get wax on anything important. It won’t come out of carpet so be very careful and VERY prepared. Make sure you have good lighting and either a small hand held or stand up mirror. You will want some pillows under you so cover them well. Bring a radio or i pod dock to listen to. Take your Advil about an hour before you start and eat a light snack then too. This is worth mentioning- you need to be SOBER to do this. Don’t drink and wax K! Bad things happen.
  • Trim your kitty hair to no shorter than 1/2 inch. The hair has to be long enough to get stuck in the wax in order to be removed. You can do this the night before if you want. Make sure that you do trim up though, it will make it easier on you.
  • Apply Pre Epilation Oil as directed. Keep it nearby, you will need to reapply sometimes. Start at the outer edge of your bikini area and apply wax in the direction of hair growth (usually down and to the side). You can apply the wax a little thicker than with honey wax. Now I know that it says that you don’t need cloth strips for hard wax and I used to believe that lie too. Trust me on this- they are an absolute must have! As soon as you apply the wax- put the strip over it and rub down in the same direction you applied the wax. Count to 5, (you may need to leave it on for more or less time) hold the skin taut with one hand and quickly pull the strip off in the opposite direction. When I say pull it off quickly- I mean YANK it off with no reservation. (Now you can say words you wouldn’t say in front of your children or grandmother.) Hard wax does not dissolve so the only way it’s coming off is if you pull everything it’s attached to out. If you leave wax on too long/too little and you are only getting part of the hair off- reapply the wax directly over the other wax and use another strip to remove it all. Make sure that while you are doing this you are only applying wax to pre-epilation oil areas. Rotate from one side to the other working with small areas. Check your progress in the mirror.
  • Now, if you have done OK so far you can continue waxing to a full brazilian. You will need to have a strong resolve to do this. Be very careful as you get into more delicate areas and let the wax cool on the applicator longer so you don’t burn yourself. You can get your back side too but you will need a large mirror and patience. Don’t forget to use the oil so the wax will stick to the hair and not to your skin. Take breaks if you need to and have some wine ready for when you are done.
  • After you are done waxing- tweeze any loose hairs that remain. Now apply the hydrocrtisone ointment to the entire waxed area. A little goes a long way. Take at least 30 min. before you shower. No tub bath and no hot water. Take a lukewarm shower- and use your dove soap to very gently cleanse the area. When you get out- pat area dry and again apply hydrocortisone ointment. Make sure you have some comfortable nonbinding panties to wear after. Boy shorts are good. Cotton is the best fabric. Go to Victorias Secret before you do this and get some cute stuff. Avoid very hot showers for a few days and apply your ointment at least daily for a few days. Enjoy your “pretty kitty”.