Ear Hair Removal Tips: How To Do Things

Hair coming out of the ears of a man can put off any woman. They not only look ugly, but give the impression that the man is not well groomed and does not care about the way he looks, thus making the woman believe that he will not care for them either, i.e. if they are in a relationship.

This ends the chance of the man to woo a woman. In order to be popular among women, besides being courteous and chivalrous, a man needs to look good too. Facial hair, especially in and around the ear can be very unsightly. If you want to know how to get rid of ear hair.

Whether it is hereditary or because of lack of grooming, hair coming out of your ears look very odd. It is, in fact, a problem faced by majority of middle and old-aged men. There are a number of techniques that can be used for the removal of ear hair, cutting and trimming being the basic ones.

While cutting and trimming remove the hair on a temporary basis, you can get permanent hair removal done as well. Whatever be the technique, you should surely take adequate precautions while carrying out the process. With the instructions and tips given below, you will know how to get rid of ear hair, effectively and easily.

Ear Hair Removal:

  • The hair located in the outer area of ears can be easily shaved. However, you should be very cautious while using a normal razor to shave ear hair, lest you end up cutting up your ear only.
  • A modern technique applied for ear hair removal is passing laser light into the organ. As the laser beam passes through your ear, it absorbs hair and destroys it. Pricey though, laser hair removal is found to be very effective and is permanent as well.
  • Another way to get rid of ear hair is to use an electric razor. For this, you need to find the equipment specially designed for removing ear hair.
  • Chemical hair removal products can also be used to “melt’ down the unwanted hair growth in ears. Make sure to follow the instructions given on the product package, while using it.
  • Depilatory creams are also effective in removing hair from ear. You should be cautious while using the product. First, apply the cream on a patch on your arm. If it doesn’t cause stain, allergies or skin discoloration, then only use it on your ears.
  • The hair found in the outer areas of ear can be removed by tweezing. Avoid inserting the tweezers deep into your ears, as they may choke and damage the ear drum.
  • You may use electric clippers to get rid of ear hair. Again, you should take special care while using it, because deep insertion into the ear drum may impair hearing ability also.
  • You may trim the hair, sticking out of the lobes of your ear, by using a pair of scissors designed for intricate cuts.

Tips for Ear Hair Removal:

  • Avoid using depilatory creams for hair removal if there is any wound or cut present in ear area.
  • Do ear hair removal with proper precaution and care as it may give cuts, scratches on ear.
  • If you are using depilatory creams and chemical hair removal products then test this product first on small area for any negative reaction.
  • When you are using scissors, trimmers and tweezers do not insert it deeply into ear as it damages your ear and create problem in hearing.