Easy Ways To Remove Underarm Hairs

In the fashion conscious world of today, everybody has become extremely considerate about his or her looks. All of us want to look presentable, in order to create a niche for ourselves in the society. This factor has escalated the need for personal grooming amongst both men and women. One such personal grooming factor is the need to remove underarm hair.

Removing underarm hair is something that few people look forward to, but that many people have to do at some point in their lives. However despite this, most people don’t know that there are many different methods of hair removal other than shaving, and that some can be a lot more effective. Not to mention that shaving tends to be the most time consuming way to remove hair due to the fact that it has to be repeated regularly.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A Razor
  • Baby powder
  • Shaving cream
  • Wax Strips

How To Remove Underarm Hair:


Depilatories can be used to remove armpit hair. Since the area may be more sensitive than other parts of the body, test a small patch before applying the cream to the entire underarm area. Depilatories come in creams, sprays and liquids that are applied, left on for a few minutes then rinsed off. Since they work closer to the skin than shaving, regrowth may take longer, so you don’t have to use them as often.


Shaving is a temporary method for removing underarm hair. A lot of women prefer to shave their underarms. After shaving the hair tends to grow back much sooner and thicker as it is removed from the surface and not from the roots. This means you have to shave more often.


Waxing the underarm hair involves applying hot wax directly to the armpit. It is left on until it becomes firm, then it is pulled off rapidly, ripping the hair out from beneath the surface of the skin. This can be done at home or by professionals in a salon or skin care clinic. Either way, waxing can be painful for a few minutes, but hair will regrow more slowly.

Using Razor:

For the process, you need to first wet the underarm area with lukewarm water.
Now, apply some shampoo or soap in the underarm area. This would create lather.
Using a razor, just shave off the entire area.
Make sure you do not press hard or you might just hurt yourself.
Once this is done, splash some water and clean the region with a soft towel.
In case some tiny bits of hair are still left, redo the whole process.

Electrolysis or Laser:

Electrolysis or laser hair removal is permanent, and it may require more than one session to get rid of all the hair. Both electrolysis and laser destroy the hair follicle, preventing it from growing more hair. These methods are expensive, according to Simply Hair Removal, and they should be done by trained professionals.


  • You could get a razor burn. It burns underneath your arm pit and the sensation doesn’t go away for a while.
  • You could get cut. If you press too hard or your razor isn’t your type, you could cut yourself during the process.