French Bikini Waxing Tips: You May Have Missed

While Brazilian wax removes all the hair on a person’s body, French bikini wax is a method of hair removal that removes almost all the hair on a person’s body. French bikini waxing entails the individual to remove their underwear for only a short period of time so that a part of the unwanted hair can be removed. However, a bit of the hair is left on. This can also include a thin strip of hair.

The Brazilian wax makes sure that the hair from the buttocks is removed as well. French bikini wax, on the other hand, does no such thing. However, it does remove the unwanted hair from the labia.

French Bikini Wax Tips

  • Find a quality salon that specializes in waxing. Get a recommendation from a friend or read reviews about local businesses online. Many spas employ full-time wax aestheticians, so you might start there.
  • Grow your pubic hair out to at least a quarter to a half inch for a successful wax. If your public hair is any shorter, the French bikini wax procedure might not work.
  • Tell your aesthetician exactly what you want. If you want a small landing strip left, explicitly state that. Also, tell her if there’s any part of the procedure that you don’t want. A French bikini wax is somewhere in between a standard wax and a Brazilian in terms of how much is taken off, so you’ll want to clarify what you’re looking for.
  • Relax during the procedure and try to concentrate on how great the results will look. If you have extra-sensitive skin, you might consider taking an over-the-counter painkiller 30 minutes before your appointment to ease the discomfort. Some spas and salons also offer a numbing cream if you can arrive early for your appointment.
  • Check the results with a small mirror after the wax to be sure the aesthetician removed enough hair. You can have another round to get the look you want. However, you may be out of luck if she removed more than you wanted.
  • Enjoy your new look. You can now wear a bathing suit or lingerie without worrying about grooming first, something that’s sure to save you time, worry and a decent amount of razor burn this summer.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before you Initiate the Procedure

The targeted skin must be properly cleaned before the waxing procedure is initiated. This helps to clean the pores and open them up, making the hair removal procedure relatively painless. It also helps to avoid the development of ingrown hairs.

If you have unwanted hair that is long; it is advised that you trim it a bit so that the procedure is easier.

Since French bikini waxing involves removing hair from your privates which is a sensitive area, it is advisable to take pain relief medication such as an Advil or Tylenol.

A few salons make sure that they apply a kind of numbing cream so that the pain is minimized. It must be applied about 45 minutes before the procedure is initiated. One that is recommended is Relax and Wax No Scream Cream.

Once the above mentioned steps have been carried out, it is important to keep in mind that being conscious is not required as the people who will be carrying out the procedure are professionals who have seen everything. Therefore, being embarrassed will only make you more nervous and increase the pain. Therefore, it is important to relax.

If you are undergoing a French bikini wax for the first time, it might be quite painful but it is important to remember that as time goes on and you make it a point to wax regularly, the hair follicles become weak and therefore, the pain is minimized.

The procedure is same as that of normal waxing. Hot wax is applied onto the targeted area and a cloth or linen strip is applied onto it. This strip is then pulled off in a quick motion. Pulling it off quickly is very important as this helps to keep excess pain at bay. If the pain is unbearable and you feel that you need to ask for a break, you must. Being shy is not going to help matters. It will only get worse.

There are some people who must not opt for French bikini waxing. If one is consuming Retinol, they must avoid a French bikini wax. This is because Retinol increases sensitivity and makes the entire process more painful than necessary. If one is consuming Accutane as well, a french bikini wax must be avoided.

If you are suffering from a STD (sexually transmitted disease), it is recommended that you do not undergo a french bikini wax. This is because most STDs are easily transmitted and a large number of salons will refuse you due to safety reasons.