Simple Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Nose Hairs for Womens

Nose hair is something your body really needs. It can protect you against dust particles that can enter your body. Unsightly, long nose hair can be repulsive, and especially if the woman has it. It can be very damaging to her self confidence. Over time as the estrogen levels start to dwindle the nose hair tends to grow faster. Modern nose hair trimmers for women can help you remove any unwanted nose hair in a safe and comfortable way.

Common problem

Don’t fret my friend; you are not alone. Millions of men worldwide suddenly get odd strands of hair protruding from the shadows of their noses and ears by the time they hit 30. Men generally start noticing sprouts of hair in those areas as they age, and the chances of them emerging and multiplying only increase as you get older.

Before you do away with unwanted hair, understand that the unsightly hair’s main purpose is to prevent dirt from entering your nose and ears it acts as a barrier, the same way lashes protect your eyes and your hair shelters your head from the cold. It’s also important to note that your ear and nose hair has likely always been there it has only grown with time as a result of hormonal changes in your body.

Some hair experts link this growth to the male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), although the exact relationship of DHT to nose and ear hair growth is still unclear.

Nose hair trimming tips

  • Tweeze small or sparse hairs. If you only have a few stray nose hairs, the easiest way to get rid of them is to tweeze them. Carefully find the root of the nose hair you want to remove and then pull the tweezers straight down to pull out the hair.
  • Trim thicker nose hair patches. If you have more than just a few nose hairs, or you have sensitive skin, you can use a nose hair clipper or small scissors to cut the hair. When trimming, be careful not to cut too close to the skin so you don’t accidentally cut yourself.
  • Use nose hair removal creme. If you have very thick nose hair problems and you cannot use a trimmer or scissors, there are nose hair creams available that can dissolve hairs. Apply this cream in a very thin layer along the skin inside your nose. Be very careful not to apply this creme too far into the nasal cavity, as serious damage can result. Wait the amount of time recommended by the manufacturers of the product, and then flush your nose with water to remove all the cream.


  • Never have electrolysis performed on unwanted hairs on your eyelids or inside your ears and nose.