How to Get Rid of Nose Hairs: Remove Hair Forever

Having nose hair can be annoying. It makes you sneeze incessantly and it can be itchy too, not to mention unattractive, especially if you’re on a date. So who’s to blame? Your male hormones are responsible for the growth of hair in your nose. Aging is a factor in the increased production of testosterone and decreased production of female hormones. Your body produces female hormones that balance out your male hormones.

No one likes the idea of having too much nose hair, it’s embarrassing to think that someone can see long hairs hanging from our noses. Keeping your nose hairs trimmed, just like you do with other parts of the body, is a fairly simple thing to do.  For nose hair removal you really just need a small pair of curved scissors, made just for this purpose, or an electric nose hair trimmer.

In today’s world, when too much importance is given to the way one looks, observing hair in one’s nose can be quite frustrating for both men and women. Usually, one starts observing strands of hair on the nose, after the age of thirty, which increases as the person ages. Although having nose hair is considered to be undesirable by people, these hairs actually protect the nose from foreign particles from entering it.

However, nasal hair is considered to be unwanted by most people as it hampers the way they look and therefore, most people look for a way to get rid of them. So, if you are one among then, take a look at some of the ways of nose hair removal for women and men.

Should You Remove Nose Hair Completely?

There is a common myth that removing nasal hair makes it grow back thicker or faster this simply isn’t true. However, one thing to be aware of before removing nose hair is that hair in this area does actually play an important part in the body’s defence system against particles that could potentially cause problems within the respiratory system, and many doctors recommend leaving the hair in place.

So bear this in mind; it may be a better idea to trim only protruding nose hair if it is really bothering you, but not be too obsessive about eliminating every hair you can find.

Types of Nose Hair Remover & Methods:

There are a number of nose hair grooming methods to choose from.

Electric Nose Hair Trimmers:

These devices are especially designed to trim (not pluck) the hairs in the nostrils (and sometimes the ears too). They typically feature miniature rotating blades that spin around, trimming along the wall of the nose. Some models have features such as a choice of heads (for more precise trimming), a light so you can see inside the nose, and/or a suction device to remove the trimmings, preventing them from going up your nose. They’re generally battery powered for portability.

Manual Nose Hair Clippers:

If you don’t like the idea of using a battery-powered trimmer, you might prefer manual nose hair trimmers. These vary in design, and include scissors that are especially designed for removing nose hair (don’t be tempted to use normal scissors in this area – they’re too dangerous). An example of manual nose hair trimmer is the Groom Mate, which many people have found to offer an effective, painless way of removing nose hair.

Electric Shaver:

Some electric razors or groomers include attachments designed for trimming nasal hair. These can be a convenient and cost effective solution if you already use a device of this type.

Nose Hair Removal Methods:

Here are the steps you need to follow to get rid of that unsightly nose hair:

  • First things first, before you start the trimming, you need to start with the grooming.  Carefully and gently clean the inside of your nose using a cotton swab with just a little bit of soapy water on it.  Make sure you rinse all the soap off when you are done so you don’t irritate your nostrils.
  • You will need a good mirror and a bright light, bathrooms usually have both so this is the best place to perform your grooming.  A magnifying mirror is even better and there are many that are mounted on stands so you can use them hands free.  Some nose hair groomers will even have a built in light to make the task easier.
  • When it comes time for the actual trimming remember that you don’t need to cut all the hair, just the hairs close to the front of the nostril that others may be able to see.  You want to be careful that you don’t shove the scissors, or electric trimmer, too far back into the nostril or you could hurt yourself.
  • Remember that nasal hair serves a purpose, it keeps contaminants out of your lungs, so don’t get too gung- ho when trimming your nose hairs.  You just want to keep them short enough so that they aren’t visible.
  • When it comes to removing unwanted nasal hair you don’t want to use the same methods you would use on other parts of the body.  For example, using creams could cause permanent damage to your nasal cavities and tweezing could lead to infection and/or ingrown hairs, neither of which is something you want inside your nose.

We hope this article on nose hair removal has been helpful for you. Apart from these methods, a permanent nose hair removal method is the laser hair removal method. In this method, intense light beams help in burning the hair from its roots, thus stopping hair growth totally. However, laser is an expensive procedure and may not be afforded by all.

In this case, it would be better to opt for the other methods of removing nasal hair. One thing you have to remember, if you are trying to remove nasal hair on your own is that it should be done in a place where there is good lighting arrangement, to prevent the occurrence of any kind of accidents.