How To Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

Smooth and silky body is the dream of many women; however this becomes unachievable due to the unwanted hair on our body. Do you also want to have silky smooth body, free from any hair? Do you not fancy showing your stunning legs without having to fret about the unwanted hair?

Most people like to forget the we are in fact mammals, just like our animal friends. However, we can’t forget when the evidence of our hairy legs or underarm hair is staring us right in the face. This article will explain various ways to remove body hair and assess their degrees of difficulty, effectiveness, and pain level.

How to Get Rid of Body Hair


Usually employed by women though, men are also considering this method to remove their body hair. A hot wax is applied on the areas of unwanted body hair, such as arms, underarms and legs. Before the wax cools, an absorbent cloth is placed over it. The cloth is then stripped off in one quick motion, which removes the hair sticking beneath it. Although painful, this is an easy method to get rid of body hair.


Trimming is relatively an easier approach to get rid of body hair. Not only is it less painful but also takes very little time for a clean work. Arms, hands, legs, feet or pubic hair can be removed by trimming. A set of clippers that has an adjustable guard can be used. A beard trimmer is more than sufficient in most cases. Trimming with clippers can save you from any burns or cuts, which otherwise can be a problem with shaving or plucking. You can also prevent itchiness and the ingrown hairs from surfacing again if you adopt trimming.


Tweezers, in most cases, are used for plucking nose hair, ear hair and eyebrows. So opting for plucking to remove body hair is up to the person’s choice. If the user thinks he can manage well with a pair of tweezers, then he should go about it as it can be quite effective too. A battery-operated hair trimmer is less painful and faster. Tweezers can be more than handy when it is used to cut the edges of pubic hair or facial hair.


Shaving is the most easy and inexpensive way to remove body hair and is especially effective on the legs and underarms. Although safety razors provide a close shave (outperforming electric shavers by far), the results are temporary. Regrowth usually occurs within 2-3 days. For the smoothest, closest shave always use a new blade and a light touch. Wet the skin thouroughly and apply a shaving gel or cream (soap is too drying) to keep the skin soft and moist. This prevents nicks and makes it easier to shave the hair. Starting at the ankle, shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth, drawing the razor up the leg.

Since underarm hair grows in many directions, you may have to stroke in several different directions. For the bikini area, pull the skin fairly taut with the fingers of your free hand so the surface is flat. If you need to shave a specific area twice, apply additional gel or cream. Rinse the skin and gently towel dry. Use oil or moisturizer to finish. Avoid shaving dry or sunburned skin. Don’t shave before an exfoliating treatment (shaving itself is a form of exfoliation). Never use a blunt razor or share a razor with someone else (especially one that has been used on a beard).


When used for hair removal, laser light passes through the skin to the hair follicle, where the hair absorbs it and is destroyed. Because the light is attracted to dark colours, those with light skin and dark hair often see the best results. Darker skin absorbs some of the laser light, which can cause burning. For these people, lower-level light is recommended, but often is less effective. Currently there is no guarantee that laser hair removal is permanent, but hair does tend to grow lighter each time. Laser treatment can be expensive so choose wisely, know what results to expect, and go to a reputable practitioner.

Depilatories Creams:

Depilatories contain chemical creams which dissolves your hair. The process involves smearing of the cream and waiting for it to burn through your body hair and then removing it with cloth and water. You need to be a tad careful with the chemical as it can sometimes burn your skin. Depilatories do work but they might smell terrible and can be rough on your skin after use. Sometimes you might even have to re-apply the cream to remove hair completely.

Permanent body hair removal treatment can be the last option if you are tired of removing hair using any of the above methods. You can fancy a laser treatment if shaving or waxing causes burns and cuts on your body. Laser does an effective job of removing hair permanently.