How To Get Rid of Unwanted Hairs: Natural Tips For Hair Removal

Every girl loves to wear beautiful short skirts, evening gowns etc, but if you have a lot of hair on your body, this might not be so possible. And let’s face it, the world currently loves the ‘no body hair’ look. So what’s a girl to do, what is the solution to your problem? Removal of hairs, seem to be a painful problem. Not only the pain, but waxing and using of the razors make your skin hair hard to touch. Women have been looking for effective, pain free ways to remove hair for decades. Sensitive areas of the body cannot bear the pain of waxing or blade.

We spend more time on our hair than on any other portion of our body. We do several procedures to make them look beautiful and healthy. Many of us have too little hair, others have too much in the wrong places. Ingrown hairs are also common around the upper, inner thigh.

Excessive hair growth on the face is particularly troublesome to some women. This may be the result of some hormonal disturbances. Tumors arising in the ovaries, adrenal glands and other endocrine organs have sometimes contributed to this problem. But in most neither cases there is nor specific cause for excessive growth of hair. Hair growth is directly related to estrogen levels, hormones and ancestry.

In today’s society facial and body hair have become increasingly unwelcome. These unwanted hairs disturbs the beauty of the women. They have become curious to remove them. There are many procedures for the removal of these unwanted hairs.

Excessive hair on the face can be removed by electrolysis, but this is a tedious and somewhat expensive process. Laser is normally a permanent method of hair removal, although there are no 100% guarantees. It doesn’t work very well on darker skins or on lighter hair. Essentially the hair that responds best to laser treatment is dark, thick hair on lighter skin.

Natural Hair Removal Methods:


Waxing is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to remove unwanted hair. Yes, waxing can be painful but the results are good and after waxing the hair taken much longer to grow back.

To make homemade wax take two cups of sugar, one fourth cup of water and one fourth cup of lemon juice. Heat this mixture over a low flame and stir regularly until you get a thick brown liquid which is your wax. Once the wax has cooled down to a temperature that you are comfortable with you can apply in onto your skin and place a clean cloth or waxing strip over it.

Once it has cooled down completely pull the cloth or strip in the opposite direction of hair growth so that the hair is pulled from its roots. Make sure that you apply ice and astringent to the waxed area to tighten the pores.


Often the natural beauty treatments require the use of ingredients right from our kitchen. This hair removal method is the real example for this.

Mix a cup of sugar and the juice of a half lemon a quarter of cup honey, and there you go! You made the most organic and eco-friendly sugar paste ready to eliminate undesired hair with.

Similarly to waxing apply the warm (not hot) sugar to your legs or the critical spots. Then use the specific cloth, then remove the hair with a sudden move.

This method has endless benefits, besides the fact that unlike wax it won’t irritate or hurt your skin. The pain will be also less harsh, still the method will remove all the unwanted hair. It can be easily done at home with a DIY kit, without assuming any risk. The effect will last almost as long as with waxing.


Tweezing is another method for removing facial hair by using tweezers. It is a painstaking as well as time consuming job. Usually used for bushy eyebrows. Tweezing eventually stops your hair growth by the continuous pricking even though it may take lot of time.


Threading is a common hair removal method that can be used on any part of the body. The usual parts of the body where threading is used are upper lips, chin and eyebrows. But even other parts of the body where there is a patch of hair, threading is useful. Threading requires a lot of attention and detail and is great for people with sensitive skin. Pumice stones can also be used for removing hair from the body except facial hair.


Turmeric is a common spice used in Asian and Indian cooking. Turmeric is one of the spices used in curry dishes. You can use turmeric mixed with flour to make a paste that will not only remove fine hair, but will also deter hair growth over time with continued use. This paste is perfect for female facial hair. It also softens and brightens the skin. What a bonus.


You can naturally bleach your hair with lemon juice and chamomile tea. One should not use lemon juice undiluted so you can mix honey with lemon juice. You can also use pumice stone to remove excess hair on every place other than your face.