How To Trim Your Eyebrows

Keeping your eyebrows neat is essential to a well-groomed look. Of course, the easiest way to accomplish this is to have your barber or stylist groom them during your regular haircuts. For some, those pesky ‘brows grow fast and require more frequent maintenance. It’s fairly easy to trim your eyebrows at home.

The first thing you will want to do before plucking is to determine what kind of shape you want or what kind suits you. Do not go with the trends as the current trendy eyebrow shape might not be what suits your face. Always go for an eyebrow shape that suits you face shape. If your brows are over-plucked, please let as much of the hair grow back in before you even attempt to pluck again.

Always use white or dark pencil in the shape of the brow you want before you start to pluck. Before you start plucking, make sure your face, hands and tweezers are clean. Use a little rubbing alcohol on the tips of your tweezers to disinfect them.

5 Steps to a Perfect Eyebrow Shape:

  1. Trim your eyebrows. This will make a big difference in helping you look younger. Once eyebrows reach a certain length they start losing pigments at the ends. I love using a mustache trimmer set I purchased at a department store. It comes with a little comb and perfect point scissors. Comb your eyebrows up, trim any excess that goes beyond the natural hair line. Comb your eyebrows down, and do the same. It may seem like a lot at first but trust me, you will love the outcome.
  2. Take an eyeliner pencil and place it vertically against your nose. It should run from the side of the nose, mid-mouth, and by the tear duct of the eye. This is where your eyebrow should start; any hair that is visible beyond the pencil should be tweezed.
  3. Next place the pencil diagonally where it should hit the middle of the mouth, nostril, and outside the iris of the eye. This is wear your arch is. Tweeze a gradually line from the arch to the start of the eyebrow. Remember,gradual, nothing harsh.
  4. To determine the end of the eyebrow, place the pencil diagonally across to the opposite corners of the mouth, nostril, and outside corner of the eye. Any hair that goes past should be tweezed.
  5. Place your pencil horizontal from the start of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow. The pencil should create a perfect straight line.

For those of you, who prefer a wax or threading over a pair of tweezers; make sure you go to a trusted salon. I have seen a lot of eyebrow accidents. It seems like they always want to make eyebrows very thin and have harsh angles. Look through magazine and see how models and celebrities have their eyebrows shaped. Don’t let them over do it.