Remove Your Unwanted Hairs with Home Remedies

Unwanted hair, especially on the faces of women have always drawn unwarranted and unwanted attention making them self-conscious and denting their self-confidence. It becomes a major stumbling block in the personality development and handicap for finding a proper job, good-looking partner. Although many hair removal methods are already available today and still more and more of them are on the offing, most people ignore the availability of the traditional and age old remedies in and nearby our own home.

Hair Removal Tips Home Remedies

  • The simplest method is to shave the unwanted hair off as often as necessary, perhaps once or twice or week.
  • Apply a mixture of besan and haldi (turmeric) with a little water, to face. When it dries, gently rub off. This will remove excessive facial hair. This is one of the useful home remedies for hair removal.
  • The technique of waxing hair removal is also very effective. In this technique apply wax with a butter knife on the hairy area, press down with a cellophane paper or cloth strip, and yank it off in the direction opposite to hair growth. Waxing will also make hair grow out thicker, but the growth will reduce in the long run if you keep waxing regularly.
  • Plucking also helps in the removal of hair. Pluck them once or twice a week.
  • Bleaching can also help to remove the facial hair.
  • Prepare a mixture by adding haldi, besan and some curd and apply to the face. It is an effective remedy for the removal of facial hair.
  • Simply wash your face twice a day with a face wash, and follow up with a toner. Apply a moisturizer after shaving. This is an effective home remedy for hair removal.
  • Add a little haldi to the gram flour and water. The hair will come out.
  • Try plucking out the hair with a pair of tweezers.
  • Prepare a paste by adding a tablespoon of besan with a few pinches of haldi and a little malai and apply to the face.One of the useful home remedies for hair removal.
  • Lemon is natural bleach, so apply that with an equal amount of honey and leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. Do this everyday.
  • When bathing, apply soap and scrub your hands and legs gently with a pumice stone everyday. This will take some time, but with patience your hair will gradually reduce and diminish.
  • Mix lemon, sugar, and honey in a bowl. Microwave on high for about 2-3 minutes, until it bubbles into a smooth consistency. Spread a thin layer on your leg. Cover with a strip of fabric, and rubbing the strip the opposite way of hair growth, about 3 times. Grab the fabric end and pull it off very quickly against the direction of the hair growth. This is an effective home remedy for hair removal.
  • A healthy lifestyle supplemented with proper diet is the magic key for healthy and beautiful hair.
  • Sandpaper is also effective for the removal of unwanted hairs.
  • Wash the ingrown hair area twice a day with a Panoxyl bar, an antibacterial soap of 10 percent benzoyl peroxide found at your local drugstore. This is one of the best home remedies for hair removal.
  • Apply an over-the-counter hydrocortisone preparation such as Cortaid around the ingrown hair according to package directions.
  • If ingrown hairs are inflamed and infected, change your razor blade each time you shave until the ingrown hair is gone.