Possible Side Effects of Waxing: Useful Information

There is large number of options like plucking, shaving, waxing, etc. available to get rid off unwanted body hairs. Waxing is considered to be one of the most popular and effective hair removal methods. Waxing besides removing unwanted hairs it also acts as a form of exfoliation. If waxing has advantages it also has some disadvantages. Some of the side effects of waxing are listed below:

Side Effects of Waxing


This is one of most commonly seen side effect associated with waxing. It is observed that many people develop irritation and redness of skin soon after waxing. Though skin irritation and redness could be subsided with the application of ice on the affected area.


An allergic reaction to the wax may occur.This will usually result in a rash or hives. This happens rarely and can be tested for before getting your legs waxed. Ask the waxing technician to test a small part of your leg before waxing all of it. If your skin is sensitive to perfumes, also tell the technician in case she uses perfumed aftercare.

Skin Darkening and Burns

When waxing is done with overheated wax it may result in skin darkening and burns. Application of overheated wax may result in reddish brown spots. These spots appear as a result of post-inflammatory pigmentation. Mainly depending of the type of skin it might take a week to 1 year for pigmentation to fade out.

Skin Burns

Mild skin burns can occur if the wax is too hot. Wax heating devices are kept at varying temperatures, but most wax used needs only to be 68 degrees to melt. Some technicians will blow on the wax to cool it down. If you feel it is too hot after the first application, tell the technician immediately. The burn will generally not be severe but can take a few days to heal.

Wrinkle Formation

The second commonly observed long term waxing side effect. Regular waxing increases the risk of wrinkle formation. As the skin tends to loose its elasticity and suppleness gradually it develops wrinkles.

Ingrown Hairs

The problem of ingrown hairs is also referred as Pseudofolliculitis. Basically the major reason for the development of this waxing side effect is that waxing is done in the opposite direction of follicle.

Avoid Side Effects of Waxing

  • If you are taking any kind of medication, ask your doctor before going for waxing, especially, if you are taking medication for acne.
  • After you have had waxing, avoid going in direct sun at least for 24 hours. Also it is advisable not to wear very tight clothes after waxing.
  • After 24 to 48 hours, you can exfoliate the skin to prevent the accumulation of dead skin.
  • After you are done waxing, apply ice packs, cold compressor, or any soothing lotion to minimize the reaction.
  • Before you are going for waxing, wash the body to make sure that the skin is non-greasy and pat it dry properly.
  • Also if you are applying hot wax on your home, check the temperature by applying it on the back of your hand before applying anywhere else. This way you won’t burn yourself.
  • Always make sure that the waxing cream, which you are using, is not too past its expiry and always go for only single use strips to make the chances of side effects negligible.
  • You also should avoid extreme heat. Heat and sweat can cause bacteria to builds up that can result in rashes.