The Best Hair Removal Tips and Tricks

For ages now, we have been bothered about finding better hair removal tips to get rid of all the unwanted hair on our bodies. For men, the stigma was not that bad as for women. Many societies even encouraged men with hair on face and chest, they were meant to be signs of manliness! But for women, it was very embarrassing to display their unwanted hairy patches.

In fact, many women even hid in their own homes to avoid others seeing their unwanted hairs. Many still do not remove any such unwanted hair fearing pain. But few of us still know how far technology has helped us to permanently get rid of all that hair that too with no pain at all.

However, there exist a number of tips which can make different types of hair removal more effective in various ways. There are always techniques that can be applied to any situation that will increase speed or effectiveness, and although a few are presented here, the interested home depilator can undoubtedly discover more with a little patient research, or even through word of mouth.


Electrolysis equipment should be kept clean at all times, since the end of the probe is actually thrust below the surface of the skin. Electrolysis is also most effective when used on a freshly sprouted hair. The follicle is most sensitive at this point and the hair has not yet toughened over time.

For this reason, electrolysis can be made much more effective by using a strong depilatory cream on the area targeted for electrical hair removal, or even ripping the hair out with waxing, approximately one week before the electrolysis is undertaken. This will mean the hairs in the area are ‘young’ and can be easily destroyed by the probe.

Hair Removal Cream:

Besides testing for allergic reactions on a small area twenty-four hours before using it on a larger swath of the body, depilatory cream can be made more effective by using it immediately after a bath. The hair and skin will be cleansed of oils, so the cream will not be repelled.

Furthermore, soaking in the bath will have softened the hairs already, allowing the cream to penetrate and weaken their structure more easily. Since the cream acts by attacking keratin in the hairs, easy penetration of the hair structure will allow the cream to dissolve the unwanted hairs much more rapidly.


Though this method is a little painful, it is good to remove hair from the arms, legs and bikini line. Hair re-growth after waxing is slow and may take as much as two months. It is best to do a patch test for waxing as well. For best results one should continue waxing on a regular basis. Hair is removed from its root and when it re-grows it is finer. The problem with waxing is that the hair has to grow a little for waxing to be efficient. It helps to dust a little talcum powder on the area before waxing.


Bleaching is not technically a hair removal technique. It lightens the hair which makes it more difficult to be seen. Don’t use laundry bleach! Purchase cosmetically approved bleaching creams that are designed to be used on the body. Bleaching is commonly used on the hair above a woman’s lip although some women use it on other parts of their body. Skin irritation is a common complaint, so test an inconspicuous area first. Bleached hair may stand out against tanned or dark skin, so it might not be appropriate for all women. The bleaching process must be repeated every two to three weeks.

Laser Treatment:

This is another salon-based treatment that is expensive too. You need a few sessions for good results. Black activating lotion is applied over the area, to enable the hair follicle to absorb the laser energy. In this technique the best results are got from people with thick body hair.