Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods and Strategies

{SCA} Having hair on the upper lip is surely something that embarrasses women in public. Many of them lose their self-confidence and prefer to lead a solitary life. If you are one among such unfortunate cases, do not worry but take the right action to make your appearance and life better. There are a number of upper lip hair removal methods that you can use. While strategies like electrolysis are permanent and costly, threading, waxing, and shaving are faster and less expensive ways to get rid of the unwanted hair. Before going for any method, it is important for you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

There are a number of different hair removal strategies. Most hair removal methods can cause temporary reddening of the skin and irritation, You can minimize irritation and maximize your results by following these methods.

Methods For Removing Upper Lip Hair

  1. Bleaching is okay but it is not the appropriate method to treat upper lips. It makes the hair lighter but they are still visible. If you repeatedly bleach one particular area like upper lip, it would appear lighter than the rest of your face, drawing attention to the problem area. If you are bleaching, then do it with fruit bleach and once in a month.
  2. Waxing is also not an appropriate method to treat upper lip area. For waxing you would have to wait for the hair to grow to a particular length. And when you get it done you would end up looking like a man who has just shaved his mustache. There would be a sudden white and pinkish look on to your upper lip.
  3. It is not at all wise to use tweezers on upper lip. With tweezing you have to end up with lot of pain. It can cause severe reactions to the skin.
  4. Never use a razor or hair removal creams on your upper lip. These things don’t remove the hair from the roots. The hair growth after this will look like stubble.
  5. For permanent results you can go for electrolysis. But it may cause some side effects if not done properly. If you decide to try it, it’s best to have the procedure done at a dermatologist’s or other doctor’s office to make sure it’s done properly and safely. Electrolysis can be expensive, painful, and even time consuming. Removing upper lip hair may take a total of 4 to 10 hours over several visits.
  6. Another way for permanent results is laser therapy, which is also expensive and can cause some side effects. But if it is done in a proper way, it’s worth its value.
  7. Threading your upper lip hair is the wisest decision. You can get it done every 15 days or as when needed. The greatest advantage being that threading gets rid of the tiniest and finest hair right from the root.


  • Be careful of certain products for hair removal. Many can not be used on the face because they might cause side effects.
  • Others intended for the face can still be rough and cause skin irritation.