Useful Tips For Cutting Scene Hair

The cutting of hair with a razor is not a new method. It has been used in completing wigs and toupees for many years. Razor hair cutting has been in use in Europe for a long time. Only in the last few years has it become popular in this country and it is at present, very much in demand. For those with no knowledge of using a razor, it is advisable to practice the handling movements and the cutting itself on old hair pieces before trying to give an actual hair cut with the razor.

Practice by laying the razor flat on a strand of hair and move in short, steady strokes downward towards the ends. You will find that the more erect the razor is held, the greater is the amount of hair removed. The holding of the razor as shown in Figure 42 is preferred by many experienced hairdressers. It is the most difficult one and requires considerable practice. The hair should always be dampened before cutting with a razor, other-wise the razor would become dull and pull the hair. The razor must be kept in a good, sharp condition and a blade with a rounded point is preferable.

So you want to have hairdo that makes heads turn. Why not? If you want to have scene hair, you can cut it yourself. It’s that easy. You can follow the step by step instructions and suggestion to have your mane done scenish.

Scene Hairstyles for Boys and Girls:

Before I tell you how to cut scene hair, let me tell you about haircut styles and ideas that are used by scenesters. Many a times, people confuse scene hairstyles with emo hairstyles. That’s because, scene hairstyles for girls and boys can sometimes look similar, but there are differences. Well, its true that some of the hairstyling techniques used while cutting scene hair are similar to those used in emo haircuts, but the difference lies in their use of bright hair colors.

This is due to the difference in the way they think, and that reflects in their sense of style. Emo comes from the word ’emotional’. Emo girls and boys can be identified with their dark and dramatic emo makeup, black apparel and unconventional emo hairstyles. They might come across as gloomy and overly sensitive.

While emo boys and girls might dye their hair in dark hair colors, scenesters can be seen with bright hair highlights. Scene haircuts for girls and boys are constantly evolving, so, you might see scenesters experimenting a lot with their hair. Choppy layered hairstyles with side bangs are very popular with scene girls and boys. Long sweeping side bangs or short bangs with blunted ends are increasingly being used in these funky scene haircuts.

Whether your hair is short, medium or long, make sure that you cut your hair in lots of choppy layers at the crown area and add bold and contrasting hair color highlights or lowlights. If your hair is not very long, then you can also use scene hair extensions. Both guys and girls can try asymmetrical razor hairstyles with side bangs falling on one side, covering one eye. Make sure that you buy hair accessories such as funky clips, scrunchies, ribbons, hair extensions and other hair styling products.

Tips for Cutting Scene Hair:

  1. You can begin by washing your hair clean and free it of all residues.
  2. Blow dry a little so you are able to part your hair into sections because you need to create different layers starting from top going down to the ends.
  3. Now clip your hair in different sections, not very thick. Clip them up. Remember, a scene hair cut is just like getting layers done in your hair.
  4. Now using a razor comb start chopping of hair beginning from how short you want the first layer to be. Keep moving downward as you chop hair. Use it carefully.
  5. Repeat the same on the other side. Once you are done, use a scissor and comb to cut straight bangs or flicks.
  6. You can colour your hair black or a colour of your choice to highlight your scene hair.
  7. Always try to keep the upper part shorter. That will give a strong effect to your scene.
  8. Once you are done, spray up and set them the way you like it.
  9. If you think this is too much for you, you can go to a salon and get a scene done. From the next time you need a trim you can do it yourself with a razor comb.
  10. A hair spray will always keep your scene still and the way you want it to be styled. So keep a hair spray handy always.


  • It is easy to mess up your hair really bad if you’re not careful!
  • When wet hair drys it will become shorter.