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Ashley Olsen Born in Sherman Oaks, California. The daughter of mortgage banker David Olsen and manager Jarnie Olsen, Ashley and her twin sister, Mary-Kate, have become among the most popular and bankable female personalities in America. They made their acting debut in 1987 at nine months old, sharing the role of the youngest daughter, Michelle Tanner, on the ABC family sitcom Full House. The series ran for eight years, during which the Olsen twins’ career took off. By the age of twelve, the girls had starred in home videos, feature films, multi-media entertainment and another TV series, Two of a Kind. Under the name Dualstar Entertainment, they produced several straight-to-video movies, a line of musical detective videos entitled The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, and the enormously successful You’re Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s party tapes. Browse our Celebrity Hairstyles category for Ashley Olsen hairstyles. See some of the newest and hottest pictures of Ashley Olsen and get new ideas for your next hair style.

Ashley Olsen Beautiful Hairstyles for Women 2010 | Photo Gallery

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