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Bill Kaulitz was born  in Leipzig, Germany ten minutes after his identical twin brother Tom. His parents, Simone and Kaulitz, divorced when he was seven and eventually his mother began dating again. After being in a relationship with him for 12 years, Simone married Gordon Tri¼mper, a guitarist from the German rock band Fatun, on August 1, 2009. The music video of their debut single “Durch den Monsun” (Through the Monsoon) has been playing on German television since July of 2005. The band quickly gained a multitude of fans after its release. The single appeared on the German music charts at #15 on August 20th and reached #1 on August 26th. It also climbed to #1 on the Austrian music charts. Second video was “Schrei”…This video also climbed to #1 all over Europe. They released their album Schrei in September of 2005. In early 2006, their third music video “Rette Mich” (Save Me) was released.

According to recent interviews with the band, they are in the process of releasing their second album in English to gain international success and are currently improving their English skills. Recently 4 of their songs in English: “Through the Monsoon”, “Scream”, “Black” , and “Rescue Me” were leaked. Browse our Celebrity Hairstyles category for Bill Kaulitz hairstyles. See some of the newest and hottest pictures of Bill Kaulitz and get new ideas for your next hair style.

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