Curly Hairstyles Cute Tips and Exclusive Video

Curly hairstyles have always been appreciated for their glamorous and sweet looking appearance and in 2010 the curly hairstyles are becoming even more appealing. Find out what are the current curly hairstyle trends so you can look stylish every time. The following would be the detailed steps you need to follow to recreate this spectacular curly hairstyles.

Curly Hairstyles Tips

1. Choose one hair-care line that offers all of the products you need so you can avoid mixing and matching brands. Products from the same line are designed to work in concert, with conditioner that augments the shampoo’s role, and styling products that build on the conditioner’s results. One of the newer product lines for curly hair is Catwalk Curls Rock, which has been appearing with increasing frequency at salons and beauty-supply stores. Manufactured by TIGI, the orange-berry–scented shampoo, conditioner and leave-in moisturizer are designed to define, detangle and defrizz.

2. If you don’t already own one, buy a handheld showerhead attachment. Instead of standing under the showerhead and letting water rain down upon you, use the attachment for greater control, its variable settings, and the ability to reach all parts of your scalp so you can eliminate loose skin flakes and dust deposits.

3. On shampoo day: Begin by gently detangling your hair with your fingers. Do not use a brush or comb a curl’s greatest foes.

4. Thoroughly saturate the hair and scalp with warm never hot water. Apply shampoo. Don’t pour it directly from the bottle onto your hair. Instead, place a small amount (the size of a quarter) in one hand, and rub it between your palms. Work it into your scalp and then downward, to coat strands of hair. If you require more lather, add water not shampoo.

5. Don’t commit a common mistake: rubbing shampoo into your hair and scalp in circular motions (like washing a window). This will tangle and potentially damage hair. Another no-no: Never use your fingernails to scrape the scalp when shampooing, as you’ll create nicks and scratches. Shampoo with your fingertips.

6. Rinse shampoo thoroughly, running your fingers through your hair to prevent tangles.

7. Repeat steps 4 and 6.

8. Apply conditioner first to hair closest to the scalp, then down toward the ends. Coat the entire strand, and gently detangle any matted areas. Let conditioner penetrate your hair for at least two minutes, while you continue normal showering then rinse it out thoroughly. If hair is damaged, exceedingly dry or especially kinky, switch to a leave in conditioner.

9. Towel dry hair when you exit the shower. Blot it gently; do not rub vigorously.

10. Apply a small amount of curl-enhancing sculpting product (such as Catwalk Curl Booster), and gently scrunch. Blow dry on a low setting, using your diffuser attachment. Finger-curl gently, but avoid over manipulating hair, as this fosters frizz.

11. If you have applied too much of your sculpting product and your hair feels hard or crunchy, scrunch it gently to soften the hair.

12. Finish with a gloss spray to enhance shine.

13. Have hair trimmed at least every six weeks.

How to do Curly Hairstyles – Informative Video

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