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Classic Pixie cuts are soft and flirty. The cropped, close-to-the-head shape of classic pixie styles help define delicate facial features. Small noses, doe-like eyes and a pretty pout can all be enhanced by the flowing shape of a pixie style. If you’ve never considered a short hairstyle, you’ll need to look at some of your hair challenges to see if a pixie cut is the right fit. While pixies are generally low maintenance, they can be hard to style if your hair has an abundance of differentiating growth patterns or texture such as kinky curl. The best hair types for a pixie are thick and straight wavy or fine and straight. While the classic pixie haircut is cropped a couple inches evenly in length, there are plenty of variations that will help make this cut unique to your facial shape and hair type. For a fresh look, consider these less-traditional versions of a classic pixie haircut.

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