Oscars 2010 Celebrity Hairstyles

2010 Oscars Celebrity Hairstyles

2010 Oscars or Academy Awards took place Sunday March 7th in Los Angeles, CA and everyone kept their eyes on their favorite celebrities as “la creme de la creme” was present at this red carpet event. Find out what are the latest hairstyles¬† trends set out by your favorite celebrity at the 2010 Oscars so you can look stylish and in trend at any formal event.

Bun Hairstyles

It seems that the bun hairstyles are making a comeback when it comes to formal hairstyles as they look elegant yet simplistic, a look which helps balance the glamorous look of the evening gowns. The sleek straight pulled back hairstyles reveal beautifully the facial features enhancing natural beauty and style. Classic and timeless, these bun hairstyles can easily be created on any hair type and on medium to long hair length with a relatively low effort.

Loose Updo Hairstyles

Updos have always been considered timeless hairstyles when it came to formal occasions and this year celebrities have gone wild for this classic and sophisticated hair style. Loose updos seem to be the top hair styling option for many of the celebrities as their elegant look is very difficult to top.

Loose Curls Hairstyles

Loose curls have always looked adorable and suitable for any type of occasion. It seems that the gentle twist of the hair creates an innocent and elegant look that matches perfectly with the red carpet’s requirements. Loose curls work beautifully with long hair and can be easily styled on any hair type using the right hair styling tools.

Vintage Hairstyles

Vintage hairstyles have always exuded a great amount of style and attracted a generous amount of attention. Simple, elegant yet with a certain degree of sophistication these hairstyles look absolutely lovely and perfect for this type of occasion.