Short Straight Cut 2010 New Photo Gallery – Celebrity Hairstyles

While I started writing about the various hair cuts and styles for straight hair, it reminded me of this line from O’Henry’s “The gift of Magi” . For me, people who have short straight hair are like the favorites of God but then people like us who do not have natural  straight hair are not left behind. Humans made by God and some specifically intelligent human beings have now provided us the privilege to look like God’s favorites. In short let me tell you that the trendiest hairstyle now is to have your hair straight but all of us do not have or choose not to have long hair. So what we want to know is about the haircuts, which are in vogue for short straight hair.

We have a very nice collection of some famous and beautiful Celebrities Short Hair Cut here, which includes Hayden Panettiere Short Straight Cut, Keri Hilson Short Straight Cut, Kellie Pickler Short Straight Cut, Heather Mills Short Straight Cut, Frankie Sandford Short Straight Cut, Kris Jenner Short Straight Cut, Michelle Williams Short Straight Cut, Lissy Trullie Short Straight Cut, Hayden Panettiere Short Straight Hairstyle, Rihanna Short Straight Cut, Ashley Greene Haircut etc.

Latest Short Straight Hair Cut for Women 2010 | Photo Collection